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Inspur Server Storage appeared on IDF 2012 successfully

2012-4-12 16:32:00
As a summit of information technology industry with a long standing reputation in the globe, IDF 2012 was held grandly from April 11 to April 12 in Beijing National Convention Center. As the leading domestic supplier of cloud computing solution, Inspur was invited to attend this grand technical annual forum with emphasis on exhibiting Tiansuo K1 system, and NF5280M3 and Yunhai OS operating system based on Intel E5 processor.
This year’s IDF took “the future is in my chip” as the theme, about ten thousand developers, technical and administrative staffs and media, analysts from China and all of the world got together to share the advanced technological achievements and to discuss the innovative tendency of future computing.
There were “huge crowds” on booth of Inspur
The global renowned IDF is the super-value platform for numerous famous technicians and enterprises to learn the international industry information and communicate the advanced experience. On this grand technical forum which gathered the latest industry trends and prospects, Inspur carried out its independent high end products and cloud solution to attend the forum and attracted about one thousand technology elites to stand by and to deeply understand the core products and application of server.
Inspur “Tiansuo K1 System” was eye-catching
The “Transformers” exhibited by Inspur----“Tiansuo K1 System” was definitely the “star” on this forum. It attracted many industry customers and technology elites to stand by and communicate. Tiansuo K1 system is the first domestic high end fault tolerant server researched and developed independently in our country, it is the important special project achievement of “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of Ministry of Science and Technology, it realized independence on the crucial aspects of system structure, system bus agreement design, core chip unit design, hardware design, structure and heat dissipation design, system BIOS design, fault tolerant system core and development and transplanting of application system and so on, at present, this system has been tested successfully in a certain financial system and has been used stably.
Customers looked into “NF5280M3”
The Inspur brand new E5 platform server-NF5280M3 and Yunhai OS operating system appeared on IDF together. As the flagship of 2-way servers, NF5280M3 valued the improvement to its system flexibility and expansion capability to guarantee the higher ratio of performance and power consumption of the system, it will become the ideal platform in applications such as data base and cloud data center.
The high-profile appearance of Tiansuo K1 system and NF 5280M3 on IDF reflected that Inspur kept integrating the upstream technologies of industry, and kept leading the domestic server field, it became bigger and stronger in the enterprise grade core applications such as finance, telecom and so on, it continuously broke the abroad technological barriers and impacted the high end market relying on the supports of its strong cloud computing core equipments and strength of research and development!


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