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Inspur “Energy saving star” NF130D decreases the growth burden of IDC

In recent years, text messaging, voice, video and the other kinds of contents are flourishing, applications of multi-network integration of the telecom value-added are developing fast, and e-commerce, enterprise application outsourcing business grow steadily at the same time, and the data center room emerged as bamboo shoots after spring. Related survey shows that in 2007 China's IDC business will be expected to exceed 3700 million, and it will with the growth rate of 30% in high-speed development. IDC is becoming a new bright spot of China's IT market in the industry.

But good prospects can not cover up the plight of IDC. Research shows that China's business users’ attitude to IDC service satisfaction is not high, in addition to the poor security and the regular downtime and other technical problems, complains of expensive price is the most reason.

How to reduce the price? The decreased operating cost of IDC is undoubtedly the ultimate way. From a practical point of view, server procurement and operation funds have become a restriction for the accelerate growth of the domestic IDC service providers. Reducing the costs of the server deploy, increase efficiency and decrease burden has become the universal voice of IDC.

Inspur, the first server brand in China, with a keen insight into this demand and aiming at the IDC room’s low-cost, large-scale deployment of low power consumpution promotes the single-channel rack-mountable 1U server product- "energy star" the Inspur Yingxin NF130D. This product ensures good performance and stability, at the same time it dramatically reduces the IDC service providers of procurement and operating maintenance costs. According to preliminary estimates, compared with other 1U server, the Inspur Yingxin NF130D with an average can save more than 30% of operating costs every year.

Reasonable optimization, one increase and one decrease

Currently, IDC service providers focused mainly on the venue / Cabinets rental (Co-location) and consumer / business Internet access (ISP / lease line) applications, and Web hosting (Hosting) area. It is not difficult to find that these applications has high requirement to the band width of data I / O of the server but that of expansibility is not high. According to the survey, 90% of the one-way IDC server users do not have the demand for expansion cards. IDC service providers, especially value-added telecom operators are working in large-scale, high-density deployment, the stability of the product operation and maintenance costs are more sensitive.

To the requirements of IDC deployment, Inspur NF130D configures two Gigabit network card, integrated network controllers which supporting WOL (Wake on Line), network card redundancy, load balancing and other advanced network features. The use of I / O acceleration technology can effectively reduce the workloads caused by a large number of network traffic and increase data transmission speed by30%. At the same time, Inspur Yingxin NF130D in support of Intel's virtual technology, by enhancing the virtualization solutions to promote the utilization ratio of multi-core servers to ensure that the servers in IDC room can act highly and save energy.

In short, the biggest feature of NF130D is: 1 increase - significantly improving of the stability, 1 decrease - the total cost of ownership can be reduced by 30%.

Innovative design significantly improve the stability of the server

The rack-mounted servers of Inspur Yingxin NF130D support Intel Yingxin 3000 series dual-core processor or dual-core Pentium D processor-platforms. 2×2MB of secondary high-speed cache, up to 1066MHz front side bus, support for dual-channel ECC DDR2 533/667 memory, can totally eliminate bottlenecks of the system I / O, combined with a variety of RAID hard disk mechanisms, as well as a unique thermal design the system can be foolproof. The servers of IDC room are intensively deployed in the cabinet, 1U rack-mounted server space inside is narrow, the heat elimination is harsher. Unique thermal design of NF130D completely solved the cooling problem of 1U server to ensure the stable operation of the system in a long time.

Efficient two-in-one orienting wind-guide path design: This design is based on the careful calculation of the airflow direction and the chassis space, with various chassis components designed to achieve the optimal cooling airflow through the cooling software simulation tests and industry standard test, to concentrate and control the direction of airflow. By quickly taking away the heat inside the chassis to ensure the CPU, memory and other hardware in the 1U narrow space maintain low temperature, fast running, improve system reliability, availability, stability at the same time, extend the life span of components and reduce maintenance costs.

Innovative enhanced strain cooling system: the cooling system of Inspur Yingxin NF130D can realize dynamic climate control in accordance with load conditions , automatically sense the temperature of the system, adjust the fan speed to improve cooling efficiency and reduce system noise intelligently. For improving efficiency and reducing power consumption of the server cooling system, at the same time, providing the strong protection for the reliability and stability of the server.

Decrease TCO of more than 30%

Now, server procurement costs in the proportion of the total cost of IDC have been greatly reduced but the system operation maintenance costs continue to increase, especially in its personnel and electricity costs are the most. Based on the manpower costs, according to the survey, the majority of managers’ business equipment spending has been accounted for more than 30% of the enterprise IT spending and the power overhead is even more alarming, Google's chief engineer Luiz Andr Barroso pointed out that the server energy costs have been accounted for 40% of the hardware cost today.

Low-power consumption design –use the electricity wisely: according to the practical application of customers’ characteristics, Inspur Yingxin NF130D adopt small volume of single-channel 1U rack mount design. And after elimination of the unusual expansion slot as well as the expansion interface, it reduces the server procurement costs and operation power and also further enhances the reliability of the system.

Based on the system optimization design, the largest power consumption of Inspur Yingxin NF130D is less than 250W, and other standard 1U server power consumption is generally 350W (such as IBM X3250). In addition, the study shows that "in the data center, for each U.S. dollar spent on running the server's power consumption, we have to spend 1 U.S. dollars on heating and air conditioning systems." In this way, comparing with other 1U products, each NF130D can save the energy costs of over 1000 Yuan annually (365 days X 24 hours X0.6 yusn X2), that it can also save more than 1 / 4 of the external cooling system procurement costs for IDC room. For most of the domestic small and medium-sized IDC service providers in development, the Inspur Yingxin NF130D provides them large-scale deployment, providing an optimal opportunity to meet the provision of value-added telecom business.

Inspur Yingxin server Ruijie management suit could save every maintenance cost for each piece: the manageability of servers is very important when the servers are deployed extensively. Inspur Yingxin server Ruijie management suit has human oriented design and installation-friendly interface, and is super-easy to install, use and maintain; has powerful remote control ability so that can substitute for the KVM remote control card that worth more than 4000 Yuan, realizing operating system installation with nobody on duty; has multi-point control to realize real-time monitoring of the system state and cross-network system management. The largest CDN supplier in China – China Cache could manage the total 105 nodes IDC all over the world in one machinery room after applying Inspur Ruijie suit. Furthermore, Inspur Ruijie management suit includes backup, restore and cloning software in possession of independent intellectual property rights, providing a powerful easy-to-use experience. The cloning restore module of Ruijie suit could bring quickness and accuracy that beyond imagination from system to application procedure and also data structure when customers do centralized purchasing, large deployment and system reset.

Inspur Yingxin server Ruijie management suit not only greatly reduces the workload of IT maintenance but also reduces the difficulty of maintaining and bring down the IT infrastructure TCO of enterprises, improving the reliability of the IT system.

Inspur could be close to the customers’ demand, release firstly the customized products aiming at value-added telecom market, which shows once again the ability of applications realization and powerful customized solutions that the leading manufacturer in domestic servers should possess. The releasing of energy-saving star- Inspur Yingxin NF130D, not only supplies a more "stable, saving" product solution for IDC servers, but also play a positive role in promoting the development of the domestic IDC market steadily and rapidly.


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