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Peter Sun: Data is the Center of Smart City Development

  On the morning of June 27, the 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) of World Economic Forum opened in Dalian, China. Premier of China Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a special speech. Chairman and CEO of China’s Inspur Group Peter Sun attended the AMNC for the third consecutive time and talked about the fourth industrial revolution and development of digital economy with global elites. He said that data is the center of smart city development. And development of smart city can’t do without the opening, sharing and application of data.

  In the session “Strategic Update: The Digital Economy”, Peter Sun discussed how global economy could innovate and develop in the digital economy era with Chairman of IBM Greater China Group Chen Liming, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden Mikael Damberg, Senior Vice-President of Strategy and Ventures of HPE Vishal Lall and other policy and business leaders.

  He noted that big data has become the fundamental resource of social operation as well as the center of smart city development in the digital economy era. Government, as the leader in the operation of cities, controls lots of valuable data. To build the smart city, we should share and open the access to government data and innovate in big data applications, making the city more intelligent. In this process, new business forms of “data commerce”, where data is a means of production, will come into being. Around the road of data circulation including collection, sharing, transaction and application of data, a lot of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship will be produced.

  The three new operators brought forth by the data-driven urban evolution, said Chairman Sun, would be the cloud service operator, the big data operator and the smart city operator. For the sustainable development of the smart city, three platforms including the citizen service platform, the urban operation management platform and the innovation and entrepreneurship platform need to be constructed with the “three new operators” as support.

  Chairman Sun said that healthcare will be an important area for smart city. To promote China’s healthcare big data industry, Inspur and China Mobile is building China Healthcare Big Data Corporation under the organization of National Health and Family Planning Commission. This “national team” will gather and administer China’s healthcare big data resources and build the health technology ecology with the vision of “holographic and digital human”.


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