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Inspur “Champion Server” helps Tsinghua University achieve its 8th championship in international supercomputing competitions


  FRANKFURT, Germany , June 21, 2017--The 2017 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC17) came to its end successfully. Tsinghua University defeated 12 teams , and won the championship  of this year’s ISC Student Cluster Competition. It is the third-time that Tsinghua University won the ISC-SCC (Student Cluster Competition ) championship, and its eighth championship at ISC, ASC and SC, aka the three biggest international college student supercomputing competitions. In the mean time, Inspur server, known as “champion server”, Inspur has help China’s college student supercomputing teams to win the world championship for 13 times.


  Tsinghua University won the championship of ISC2017

  A total of 12 colleges/universities around the world have participated in this year’s ISC-SCC. The Competition requirement is total power of no more than 3000W. The supercomputing system should run for specified 48 hours consecutively, and finish six tests, including the high performance computing international benchmark HPL and HPCG, the partial differential equation solver FEniCS, the application of modeling material MiniDFT, the artificial intelligence learning system TensorFlow and the mysterious application announced at scene.


  the Tsinghua University team

  Jidong Zhai, advisor of the Tsinghua University team was thrilled when informed of the championship. He believes that the team will continue to achieve excellent results through joint efforts. The team is serious about this competition and is fully prepared, which is the internal effort; while Inspur, as the sponsor, provides efficient and reliable servers, which is served as an important external effort.


  Inspur NF5280M4

  Tsinghua University applied eight-computer-eight-card system design in the competition, and used Inspur NF5280M4 as host computers of the competition, withstanding all harsh tests of the finals. Its stability, reliability and excellent performance enable the team to focus on the competition itself. NF5280 is the classic server series of Inspur, and has accompanied China’s college student supercomputing teams for 8 years when attending the three biggest supercomputing competitions globally. After several technical iterations, its excellent quality has helped to win the “Champion Server” title. NF5280M4 uses Intel Xeon E5V4 series processors, supports 24 DIMMs, with DDR4 memory as well as the latest disk controller technology. In terms of power consumption, it uses the design of low power consumption components with high efficiency power supply, which is of the industry’s highest conversion efficiency, saving up to 20% energy. Meanwhile, the conversion efficiency of its option of titanium high-energy-efficiency hot-swappable redundant power supply is over 96%.


  At the same time, BEIHANG University supported by Inspur won the third place in this year’s ISC Student Cluster Competition.


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