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GTC17: Inspur to Unveil 2U 8GPU AI Supercomputer


  San Jose, California, May 8, 2017 - Inspur will unveil a new ultra—high density AI computing server to accelerate Artificial Intelligence at the upcoming 2017 GPU Technology Conference (GTC2017) .which is designed to provide superior application performance to science and engineering computing, taking AI computing to the next level.

  Inspur will unveil new AI supercomputer AGX-2 at its booth# 911 on May 10. The AGX-2 supports up to 8 NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs, offering either PCI-e interface or NVLink 2.0 for faster interlink connections between the CPU and GPU. This represents a successful innovation of Inspur in AI computing server, which will offer global customers more efficient computing power.

  Presently, Inspur has the most complete CPU server product line in single-computer 2/4/8 card. At the IPF17 before GTC17, Inspur and Baidu co-launched hyper-scale AI computing platform AI-SR Rack Scale Server for larger-scale data collection and deep neural network, which has extended 16 GPU accelerator cards in single computer and met model training requirement of several hundred billion samples and trillion parameters.

  As a leading cloud computing manufacturer in China, Inspur is always dedicated to providing strong computing power for artificial intelligence. Inspur is now a major provider of AI GPU server for three of the world’s Super 7 CSPs (Baidu, Ali and Tencent). Meanwhile, it maintains close cooperation in AI system and applications with such leading companies as Iflytek, Qihoo 360, Sogou, Toutiao and Face++, helping customers to achieve order-of-magnitude application performance improvement in voice, image, video, search and network, etc.

  Inspur’s schedule for the GTC17:



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