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Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco Sign MoU of Strategic Cooperation


    On December 4, Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on strategic cooperation in Jin, China. As another important measure to deepen the joint venture partnership and cooperation between Inspur and Cisco, it was significant to the regional industrial upgrading and the cyber development in the new era. Peter Sun, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., and other officials and leaders attended the signing ceremony of MoU.

signing ceremony

Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco sign the MoU on strategic cooperation in Jinan, China.


    According to the MoU, the cooperation of three sides will take Inspur-Cisco joint venture's network communication industrial chain as carrier, and invest to build an industrial park featuring network communication in Jinan Innovation Zone with the leading technical advantages and industry experience from Cisco and Inspur. The industrial park will attract investment of global partners as well as supporting manufacturers, scientists and engineers of network communication from across the world. An ecological chain for the network communication industry will be built with Jinan at its center. The industrial park will become a leading cluster for China's network communication industry. It is expected that hundreds of outstanding companies from upstream and downstream industries will be introduced and over 20,000 employees will work here after the park is built and opened.

    Inspur will team up with Cisco to build a smart city for Jinan, the Belt and Road network communication solutions and a cloud platform for small and middle-sized enterprises, develop the smart manufacturing, train the network talents and support development of makers of business startups and innovation.

    As a leading cloud computing and big data firm in China, Inspur is committed to building the advanced capacity of techniques, products and solutions of cloud computing core equipment. With leading smart city solutions in China and rich experience for practices, Inspur has provided cloud computing and big data services for governments of over 130 provinces and cities in China, promoting the development of smart cities. Cisco, a global leader in science and technology, has best practices with industries around the world. Under the new orientation of win-win relationship with mutual respect and mutual benefit between China and the US, the signing of this MoU is the demonstration of following the international trend of development and integration of technologies and building a new cooperation model by hi-tech enterprises from China and the US.


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