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Xiangtan GUOAN CATV: How to Give Digital TV Internet Wings


  [Introduction] Faced with the crossover competition and increasingly accelerated industrial integration, GUOAN realizes that it must embrace internet and open up a new way of OTT content with the features of radio and TV if GUOAN wishes to complete its strategic transition. With the help of Inspur's iCDN platform, GUOAN is actively developing is industrial chains and carrying out comprehensive business operation, thus effectively promoting the integration and development of conventional media and new media.

  With the rapid development of science and technology, the public are not restrained by the existing media forms in meeting the requirements for using and experiencing media. Media content flows and is used in different time, places and channels, and the opportunities of new media are constantly emerging. With the advent of social media, the radio and TV pattern has changed significantly. TV experiences such as in HD, intelligence, and media interaction and convergence have become crucial for the industry.

  Xiangtan GUOAN realizes that the key to radio and TV business success is to increasingly speed up the media integration, business integration and multi-screen integration, enabling different consumers to enjoy content at any time, in any places or by any means. However, the development of internet technology and its impacts on conventional business forms put cable network industry into an unprecedented dilemma and under severe pressure. Therefore, GUOAN has to face with the internet's impacts on the CATV industry and prudently consider the current development direction and countermeasures of CATV.

  In the existing competition pattern, GUOAN believes that "embracing the internet" is a rational strategic choice for cable network operators at present. For how to embrace internet, GUOAN says that "cable network operators should stick to ways of OTT content with features of radio and TV". Operators should both become aware of its limitations and take the natural advantages of cable network.

  In regards to service plan, GUOAN is committed to building a DVB + OTT integrated service platform based on IP channels. Specifically speaking, in the respect of cloud, GUOAN puts the internet content including video onto the cable intranet, and further enhances the competence of the "platform" by introducing the multi-screen interaction service, value-added services and so forth, thus breaking the previous pattern of single service operation. "If a user starts his TV and enters directly into live channels, it is apparently a waste of resources". From the respect of intelligentialization and diversification of terminals, GUOAN will carry more services and functions in the new intelligent set-top box, developing from a single digital TV into home entertainment, home communication, home security, home intelligence, etc.

  It is the vivid stories in which Inspur effectively promotes the convergence and development of conventional media and new media relying on its advantage of cloud + terminal turnkey solution that attract GUOAN to work with Inspur iCDN and complete the construction of the new media platform. As a new network content service system, iCDN is also a high-quality and highly-efficient application service mode with distinctive network order, constructed based on IP network. By implementing internet access, providing TV application and introducing several video content service providers, GUOAN provides digital TV users with OTT-based services such as live video, video on demand, time-shifting and playback, as well as multi-screen interaction functions such as watching different OTT live channels on mobile terminals through IP, providing strong support for the network-wide, full-coverage and full-service development. In this way, GUOAN maintains the user stickiness while expanding the sources of business incomes.

  For the change brought by new media being online, the technical director had a strong feeling and said "The advantage of using an iCDN system platform is that it can unify the current media cloud platform and internet service platform in the technical architecture, realizing the coordinative operation of live TV and Internet TV application services and giving digital TV internet wings."


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