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Gehua CATV: Layouts in the Era of Intelligent Gateways Help It Become an Integrated Operator

  [Introduction] By deploying N-in-one Intelligent Gateway, Gehua CATV has realized a number of innovations, such as 4K P60 Decoder, Cable Modem Access, Intelligent Gateway, in the industry. Gehua CATV is increasingly speeding up its full-media industrial layout and advancing firmly towards an integrated operator based on effective improvement of product competence.

  At present, digital home and smart home have been the focus of cable operators, telecom operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and internet firms. In addition, set-top boxes are developing gradually into intelligent home gateways, becoming important control nodes of digital home and smart home. It is today when conventional TV businesses are confronted with intensive impacts by new media and new business forms, makes Gehua CATV deeply aware that developing diversified services and grabbing the three accesses of sitting room, internet and mobile internet based on intelligent gateway is one of the main approaches for a cable operator to improve its own competence, as well as an important power for improving user experience and user stickiness.

  Gehua always takes the lead in technology amongst all operators nationwide. In order to coordinate the overall operation of its cloud platform and enhance its core competence in the growingly intense market environment, Gehua CATV plans to adopt a new intelligent gateway terminal as a new-generation device for digital TV shifting, and update the existing HD set-top boxes into 4K intelligent gateway. In this way, the terminals distributed to users’ homes not only provide the existing HD interaction functions, but also provide more integrated functions, such as intelligent routing, broadband access, 4K playing, etc., truly making the set-top boxes media gateways and data gateways at home. For this purpose, Gehua CATV hopes to build an N-in-one 4K intelligent gateway product integrated with living room access, internet access and APP access.

  It is apparent that abundant technical reserve is required by set-top box manufacturers to implement the previous functional services; therefore, Gehua becomes more prudent in selecting a partner."We have realized that some partners did not follow up well with us during the last several years, and that's why we are so prudent in choosing a partner", said the company's director with strong feelings. As an overall integrator and terminal solution designer of many front-end construction projects like Shandong CATV network, Inspur has demonstrated its strong capability in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions encompassing 4K ultra HD, intelligent gateway and smart home strategic layouts. The experience in both hardware and software is what Gehua mostly value on and is an important prerequisite for choosing a partner.

  Finally, the intelligent media gateway solution that Inspur tailors for Gehua CATV is a new-generation intelligent home media center integrated with network access, video distribution, data exchange and intelligent management. The solution supports 4K P60 decoding, home broadband access, intelligent routing and data exchange, and seamless access of third-party business. In the view of Gehua CATV, this solution perfectly agrees with its requirements for digital promotions and realizes many innovations in the industry. By deploying the gateway solution with internet access, internet of things access, complete home network and strong video processing capability, Gehua CATV is continually accelerating its layouts in the innovative business fields, such as intelligent home and smart home, etc.

  Of course, Gehua launches the intelligent gateway not only for developing end users, but also for realizing system construction and the entire business platform operation by virtue of home gateway. "Only when the business platform is running well, can we vitalize the whole industry and grow into a benign state of development." To cope with the impacts brought by new media development and promote the strategy transition towards an integrated full-service provider and new media, Gehua is seizing all strategic opportunities, accelerating its layouts in full-media industry, searching up and down to forge a new media group, and striding its way towards an integrated operator.


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