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Smart billing system project of Tax-control cash register of Sinopec gas station


The number and scale of Guangdong Sinopec gas station tops the whole Guangdong province. In recent years, with the increase of motor vehicles in Guangdong province, the invoice issuance in gas stations also rises up. The original invoice issuance cannot meet the need the customers. Guangdong Sinopec feels the urgent need to improve the efficiency of invoice issuance and elevate the level of information-based management in response to the growing market.

Inspur conducts an in-depth research into the invoice management process of Guangdong Sinopec and takes the opportunity of national promotion of tax-control cash register to provide a forward looking total solution for Guangdong Sinopec that issues invoice via tax-control cash register and uses background program to manage invoice information. It successfully satisfies the need of Guangdong Sinopec to increase the efficiency of invoice issuance and the level of information-based management.

The promotion of Inspur tax-control cash register and background program in Sinopec saves sizable cost for Guangdong Sinopec, improves the overall service of gas stations and provides advanced information-based technologies for the concentrated management of invoice data.

Customer of related cases: Tax-control invoice issuance project of Guangxi Gas stations

The unit of user: Guangxi Sinopec subsidiary, Guangxi SAT office

Launch time: October , 2004

Customer of related cases: Tax-control invoice issuance project of Hainan Sinopec gas station

The unit of user: Hainan Sinopec subsidiary

Launch time: December, 2005


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