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Who We Are

As a leading total solution and service provider of cloud computing, Inspur is capable of providing total solution at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS levels. With high-end servers, mass storages, and cloud operating system and information security technology, Inspur offers advanced cloud computing infrastructure platform for its customers. Based on Inspur’s information software for government, enterprise and industry, as well as terminal products and solutions, this platform provides comprehensive support to the construction of smart government, and enterprise cloud and vertical industry cloud.

Inspur owns three listed companies, namely Inspur Information, Inspur Software and Inspur International. Inspur’s three business groups - system & technology, software & service and semi-conductor; provide IT products and services to over 100 countries and regions in the world, and caters to the entire range of needs of informatization of governments and enterprises. Inspur ranked No. 9 in year 2015 Top 100 electronic information companies in China. With its comprehensive strength and services, Inspur stands as the Top Two IT enterprises in China. Inspur ranks No. 1 in China’s domestic self-developed software brands; No.1 in China’s independent brand IT service providers; and is among the four companies granted Super Grade I Computer Information System Integration in China. The server sales volume for Inspur ranks No. 5 worldwide and No. 1 in China while the sales volume for Inspur storages has ranked the first among domestic brands for 12 consecutive years. The market share of Inspur ERP group management software has ranked No. 1 for 13 consecutive years.

For years, Inspur has been known in China as a unique IT company with advanced technology, exclusive software and comprehensive range of hardware. It leads the development of the information industry in the key stages of informatization in China.

With powerful and comprehensive strength in software and hardware, Inspur becomes one of the most influential IT brands in China. Inspur is one of the first innovative enterprises certified by the Ministry of Technology and is the only enterprise with the four state-level R&D platforms in the industry, including the only state key laboratory established in an enterprise in IT field “Inspur State Key Laboratory of High-end Server & Storage Technology”, National 863 Program Server Industrial Base, China Storage Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance, and National Engineering Research Center for Information Storage. Inspur has a comprehensive innovative platform to conduct the foundational technology research, common and key technology research, process and engineering technology research, and industrialization plan research. Inspur owns the largest and most advanced flexible server production line and research center in Asia Pacific area, one of the first certified state-level enterprise technology centers and state enterprise post-doctoral workstation, and is one of the first key software enterprises in the state planning layout. Inspur ERP is listed in the “ERP Software Suitable for China’s National Conditions” in the “863 Program”, which is also known as the State High-Tech Development Plan. Inspur ERP, SCM and CRM projects are all listed in the “863 Program”. Inspur also established technology R&D centers in Hong Kong, Japan and Silicon Valley in the US.

To enable users to enjoy more convenient and more comprehensive IT service with ease with the consolidated application of innovative software and hardware integration technology, the Inspur computing platform products and application solutions are in the same line to vastly improve the compatibility, stability and maintainability of the user system.

Currently, Inspur has expanded its businesses to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, set up R&D centers and plants in countries such as the US, Japan and Latin American, etc. Inspur found branches and exhibition centers in 26 countries worldwide. Inspur has more than 1,000 large and medium-sized channel agencies and over 10,000 partners worldwide. Inspur’s products and solutions have been widely applied in global data center, supercomputer center, taxation, education, smart government and other fields.

Inspur has established five joint ventures with three Global Top 500 corporations, namely Microsoft, LG and Ericsson. It has also established strategic partnerships with Intel, IBM, SAP, VMWARE, NIVIDIA and REDHAT, and even funded a joint-venture with Indian UPTEC to develop the practical software training industry.

Inspur has joined Open Stack, SPEC, TPC and other international authoritative organizations successively. In May 2014, Inspur Group joined SPEC and officially became a member of SPEC as an international first-class manufacturer. In July, Inspur has officially announced it has joined OpenStack Foundation, an international authoritative cloud computing organization, and became an important member of Open Source Cloud Platform Management Project, the most vigorous in the world. In August 2014, the TPC organization, an international authoritative standardization testing organization, has announced Inspur’s admission as a member. TPC organization has the reputation of the “Royal College of Science” in system evaluation field and is also the “high-end club” in global IT industry. Inspur server ChaoNeng 3000 attained the best grade in TPC-H testing and created the first international testing world record for Chinese server manufacturers. To date, Inspur has successively broken a series of international authoritative testing records kept by TPC-E, TPC-H, SPECjAppServer and SPECPower, for 16 times.

As a large IT enterprise group with top strengths in both software and hardware in mainland China, and motivated by the innovative spirit and pragmatic attitude, Inspur is dedicated to spur the informatization of industries in China in order to enable IT applications to change people’s life at unprecedented speed, and help people dreams. Inspur believes that practicality creates success, and innovation drives the future. As always, Inspur will maintain the spirit of innovation, continuously serve its users with new high-quality products, and enable IT applications to promote development of the society. Joining hands with its customers, Inspur will explore the world with enthusiasm and devote great effort to realize new dreams.

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Milestone of Inspur

Inspur is one of the oldest IT brands in China. Inspur, then known as Shandong Electronics Device Plant, started to produce computer peripheral devices and low-frequency high-power transistors in 1960s. In 1970, Inspur’s transistors were used successfully in China’s first man-made satellite “Dongfanghong 1”.

Since then, Inspur began its IT journey based on technological innovation, which has lasted for more than 40 years. Inspur stuck to the idea of innovation, leading the development of China’s IT industry by making several forward-looking technological breakthroughs during the critical and historical stages of the growth of China’s information industry.

In 2013

Born of Tiansuo K1 System Inspur developed and released Tiansuo K1 system independently, thereby filling the gap in China’s key application mainframe.

In 2011

Developed China First 32-way High-end Fault-tolerant Computer. Inspur developed China’s first 32-way high-end fault-tolerant computer independently.

In 2010

First Announced the In-Cloud Strategy in China Inspur first announced the In-Cloud strategy in China, proposed the idea of industry cloud, and released the first self-developed cloud OS in China.
Inspur’s "High-End Server & Storage Technology Innovation Project" won the "Enterprise Technology Innovation Project Award" in the 2009 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. "Tiansuo TS30000 High-End Commercial Server System" was awarded the second prize in the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Inspur was the only enterprise in the field of computer to win both technological product and enterprise prizes.

In 2008

Born of Inspur Tiansuo Project the project “Inspur Tiansuo high-end fault-tolerant computer system development and application promotion”, as a major special project in the field of information technology of the “863” program in the “11th Five-Year plan”, was approved.

In 1993

China First Micro-ServerInspur’s engineers developed China’s first micro-server in Singapore. Mr. Su Pishu, who is the current chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, led this development project. Over the next decade, Inspur broke the long-time monopoly of foreign server manufacturers in China and ushered in a new era for China’s server industry. Since 1996, Inspur server has been the No. 1 domestic server brand for 15 consecutive years.

In 1983

The First Inspur PCthe first Inspur PC was produced in Jinan, which marked a new milestone in IT development in China. Led by Inspur, three PC manufacturers propelled China’s PC industry into the age of prosperity and rapid development.

In 2015

Reward of Tiansuo K1 SystemInspur Tiansuo K1 system got the 1st class reward of national technology improvements.

In 2012

Developed the First PB Level Mass Storage Inspur developed the first PB level mass storage in China independently, and it which was accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2009

Born of Inspur Mass Information Storage Systemthe “Inspur Mass information storage system and application demonstration” project was approved as a major special project in the field of information technology of the “863” program in the “11th Five-Year plan”.

In 2007

Inspur State Key Laboratory Establishedas the only state key laboratory founded within in an IT enterprise, Inspur State Key Laboratory of High-end Server & Storage Technology was established.

In 2005

National Scientific and Technological Progress AwardInspur’s 64-bit server won the second prize for the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, which was the top technological progress prize in IT achievements in 2005. On Dec 9, 2005, the "High Cost Performance and High-Performance Server Architecture Design and Optimization Technology for Transaction Processing" project from Inspur Group was awarded the top prize in the "Information Industry Major Technological Invention Award" in 2005.

In 1990

The First Chinese Character PagerInspur developed the first Chinese character pager in the world and customized the first Chinese character paging standard in the world. The pager is still in use today.

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Core Concept

Core Values: customer, innovation, team, fighting spirit and method;
Mission: lead the tide of information technology and promote the progress of social civilization;
Vision: become the service provider of advanced information technology products and leading solutions;
Four Strategies: professionalism, integration, internationalization, and community of interest

Enterprise spirit

Work Style: quick response and accurate execution;
Crisis Awareness: step forward or out;
Sense of Competition: forge ahead courageously and dare to face competition.

Basic Value Philosophies

Management Philosophy: cost, quality, service, target, procedure, and performance evaluation.
Innovation Philosophy: carry out valuable innovation.
Marketing Philosophy: focus on customers.
Knowledge Management Philosophy: accumulate, share, and create value.
Capital Operation Philosophy: active and reliable, select the best, and mutual benefit.
Value Distribution Philosophy: performance guided.
Social Responsibility Philosophy: prosper with employees, grow with customers, and contribute to society.
Market Philosophy: subdivide, focus, and collaborate.
Technology Philosophy: technological innovation is the motive power.
Talent Philosophy: capability decides the stage, performance embodies value, and fortune rewards intelligence.
Productivity Philosophy: per capita productivity.

Top 2 regarding to comprehensive strength in China’s top 100 IT electronic information enterprises.
China cloud computing innovation and demonstration enterprise.
Demonstrative application prize for cloud computing customers.
Prominent contribution prize for cloud computing in information industry.
Innovative demonstration enterprise for strategic emerging industry.
No.1 China self-owned brand software manufacturer in china.
Inspur server has ranked No.1 in the market share of domestic brands for 18 consecutive years and Top 3 in China’s market (1996-2013).
Inspur storages have ranked No.1 in the market share of domestic storages for 12 consecutive years (2004-2015).
Inspur ERP has been No.1 in the group management software market for 13 consecutive years (2002-2015).
Inspur ERP is among the first enterprise management software to be awarded the “China Top Brand product”.
Developed China’s first micro-server based on 10 Intel processors, and was awarded the second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
Inspur 64-bit server won the second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
Inspur high-end server technology won the significant technological invention prize presented by the Ministry of Information Industry.
“High-end server and storage technology innovation project” is awarded the “enterprise technology innovation project award” of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
“Tiansuo TS30000 high-end commercial server system” is awarded the second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
Inspur tax control machine was awarded the first prize of Shandong Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
Top 2 regarding to comprehensive strength in China’s top 100 IT electronic information enterprises.
No.10 in top 100 electronic information companies in China.
Super Grade I Qualification of Computer Information System Integration.
One of first innovative enterprises in China.
One of 520 key enterprises in China.
One of the national high-tech enterprises in China.
One of the first enterprises to clinch the status of "Top 20 Innovative Software Companies in China".
One of first certified national-level enterprise technology centers.
National key laboratory of high-end server & storage technology.
National information storage engineering technology research center.
China strategic union for storage industry technology innovation.
National post-doctoral mobile workstation.
National mass storage standard commission director.
Passed the CMMI5 certification in software industry.
One of the first to be certified with Grade I computer information system integration qualifications.
Passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and 18000 certification.
Appointed producer for commercial password products and licensed seller of commercial password products certified by State Encryption Administration.
Class A enterprise for intelligent building project design.
Inspur server, computer and ERP management software are certified by the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine as China's Top Brand products.
Class A demonstration enterprise for "China Offshore Software Engineering Project".
One of the key software companies in state planned layout.


“Practicality Creates Our Success, Innovation Drives The Future.” - INSPUR Chairman&CEO

Inspur (“Langchao” in Chinese, meaning “wave”) brand was named after the book “The Third Wave” published by the U.S. futurist Alwin Toffler in 1980. In 1983, we independently developed the first PC and named it “Inspur” in the hope of helping intensify the strengths of billows and waves of China’s informatization.

In fact, Inspur didn’t engage in electronic information industry first from making PC. As early as 1969, Shandong Electronic Equipment Plant started to produce and research the low-frequency high-power electron tubes and computer peripheral devices. We have accumulated solid technologies and experiences in this industry for over 30 years, during which time Inspur has become one of the most influential IT enterprises in China. As three key rules, practicability, innovation, as well as quick response and accurate execution guided Inspur to quickly develop and helped Inspur become the mainstay in IT industry during this period.

The open PC system changed people’s lives completely within the span of 20 years. Meanwhile, the Internet has revolutionized lifestyles at an unprecedented pace. Both technological changes bear common features, namely compatibility and openness. The latest technological achievement seeks to transform to the industry in the most convenient manner through promotion and popularization, which is the very essence of modern IT, and is the spirit of practicability understood by us at Inspur. This spirit guides Inspur in product planning, R&D, market promotion and management, and ensures our development in direction and aspects as required by the consumers.

Innovation is embodied in every aspect, from our IT foundational technology R&D to specific applications. Indeed, we at Inspur believe that there is no "One size fits all" approach to technology. Without innovative technologies and revolutionary ideas in the rapidly developing IT industry, a company will be severely disadvantaged. Inspur has developed steadily while incorporating innovation throughout its 30 years of development in the IT industry.

Efficiency is another of our core principle. Whether it is the speed of value creation for our users, or the speed of operation management within an enterprise, rapid response is always the key to success. The ability to execute and deliver is also required. The systematized workflow is important to guarantee precise execution. With rapid response and precise execution, Inspur can respond to the rapidly changing external environment with ease while generating vivacious ideas continuously

Informatization has changed and will continue to change lives and livelihoods. Inspur has promoted social development with informatization for over 30 years and will continue to forge ahead along this path. We fully recognize the responsibilities our brand carries, which come not only from our users and shareholders, but more importantly, from Inspur's obligations towards the whole of society

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