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Inspur i2TV Cloud Video Platform


Characteristics of the i2TV Cloud Video Platform

The cloud computer application core is based on IT infrastructure——Media, Data & Applications

Supports the smooth expansion from video to multimedia——screen-uniform HE and uniform APP

Features loose coupling, high-density, front-end cloud architecture design—— the third platform that is convenient for integrated authorization

Features a one-stop program injection and distribution flow—— reduces workflow and workload

Supports the quick addition and integration of new businesses——satisfies the demands of future expansion and extension

Improves the innovative point-of-profit model——creates more profit models via digitalization

i2TV Cloud Video Platform


Network size

Minimum network upgrade cost

Consumes less bandwidth resources 

Uses a rate demand that is manageable and controllable

Performance size

Virtualization and elasticity deployment

One-time injection, offering the same service and experience to all locations

Reduces server demand

Terminal size

Easier to deploy uniform UI and individual UI in a huge system

Reduces terminal equipment maintenance costs and uncovers the terminal performance potential

Reduces the integration complexity of system upgrades and updates

Inspur “UNO” live transcoding system UNO SPIN

Change of Drive Video Compression Technique

Traditional television service:

• Few content sources

• Single user demand

• Few business types (mainly VOD, NVOD and live)

Change of Video Compression Technique

Television services today:

• Large quantities of content and a great variety of categories to choose from

•The user’s demand has risen, requirements are greater and there are more places providing video services

• More and more terminals and formats require support

Traditional FPGA Hardware Encoder

The FPGA’s hardware design is restricted by a dedicated CPU

The design of the FPGA can only survive for several years and then a new platform shall be changed

It is restricted to specific operating parameters related to dedicated CPUs and the expansion remains unchanged

Cannot provide convenient expansions for new video compression and distribution

Example of a Next Generation Video Compression Technique Demand

The Demands of Next Generation Video Transcoding

Any code or transcoding format:MPEG-2; H.264, AVS+, H.265

Must be compatible with all kinds of interfaces:ASI, SDI, HDMI, Fiber-IP, CVBS, RF

Must be integrated with architecture: for coding, transcoding, complex analysis, balancing voice sonority and system conversion

Must face all kinds of screens, such as one input and multiple-output: all kinds of screens, all kinds of resolution ratios, all kinds of frame rates, all kinds of code rates

OTT content protection: integrated DRM is at the encoder size

Self-video quality acquisition and monitoring: no third-party equipment is needed, can use self-flow recording to make analyses and collect data

Management configuration of the internet mode

The most fundamental: provide unmatched and better video picture quality

This is Perhaps the Most Flexible and Available Video Transcoding System

Adopts universal IT architecture, not specially customized GPU architecture or special hardware designs

Allows flexible platforms to be selected (from iRU rack to multiple RU blades)

Features carrier-class-enterprise-class redundant backup mechanism and capacity, which makes safety service reliability high at 99.99%

Features inter-transformation of all kinds of codes: MPEG-2, H.264, H.265/HEVC (available soon), AVS+ (available soon)

Features a comprehensive physical interface for input and output: IP, ASI,SDI,CVBS,HDMI,RF

Features flexible and scalable protocols and functions: one-input and multiple-output, slice packaging and all kinds of communication protocols

Includes a single server that can support as high as 96HD or 480SD transcoding capacity

Architecture of the UNO SPIN Live Transcoding System

“Swiss sabre” in Video Compression

Video platforms are facing a consumption trend that has been especially created for operators

Like the flexibility function of Swiss sabre, it can satisfy all kinds of applications

Broadcast-level picture quality and video quality can be adjusted and optimized level by level

One can select their mode of purchase as required and expand it as required

Core software applications can be researched and customized as required

Features professional redundancy backups; can reach 99.999% of the system-level operating standard

Comes with all kinds of traditional interfaces, although it remains easy to expand into new interfaces that can be fully compatible

Has the maximum transcoding capacity in the business; can reduce space and operational costs.

Integrated Encoder-coding and Transcoding

Whole-CPU architecture and a universal platform. No professional GPU needs to be purchased. The power consumption is 1/n of GPU.

Encoding and transcoding with adjustable picture quality. The product has provided diversified competition and a sharp weapon for video operators.

Patent video encoding and transcoding algorithm allows one to insert an Intel chip and instruction set.

Supports ultra-low delay/ultra-high picture quality/ high picture quality/bandwidth optimization encoding and transcoding for other application scenes.

Supports ANY TO ANY encoding or transcoding, including MPEG-2/H.264/H.265

CBR/VBR/Capped VBR several modes.

The number of encoded or transcoded programs can be flexibly expanded; supports 50 one-input-multiple-output profiles.

This Is the Required Skill for New Media Platform 

Demux program complex analysis and live program duplication

Station caption, rolling titles, real-time insertion of pictures

Records key programs (channels), by fixed time or manually input times

Supports the program capture PULL from the far end or receives the content injection of PUSH programs  

Arbitrary frame-rate conversion, arbitrary resolution ratio conversion, (itop) NTSC and PAL conversion

Packaging after encoding or transcoding and switch

Supports FEC and supports several CDN transmission programs

Redundancy and Backup Mechanisms

Redundancy mechanism accurate to every program

End-level, equipment-level, system-level, and three-level backup capacity

RMA real-time monitoring equipment, input, output and code stream state

Can reboot single channel, several channels and some equipment

Uses status monitoring and control, and can reboot and configure via a cell phone

Supports automatic switching and manual switching

Supports uniform network control system from integration to cable television

Configuration documents can be remote, geological redundancy backup and lead-in is easier than upgrading STB

Inspur UNO Cloud transcoding system-UNO Cloud

Core Competitive Advantage of UNO Cloud Transcoding System

Video platforms are facing a consumption trend that has been especially created for operators

Broadcast-level picture quality and video quality can be adjusted and optimized level by level

Features a patent video compression algorithm and faster compression efficiency and quality

Features a patent load balance and cluster management technique that can dynamically respond to compression requirements

Has the capacity to transcode and broadcast the document live

Can be flexibly integrated into the CMS workflow platform

Features professional redundancy backups; can reach 99.999% of the system-level operating standard