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Inspur Smart Data Appliance



With the maturity of the informatization and rapid rise of social networks, new generation of information and technology such as cloud computing, mobile Internet and the Internet of things are widely used. There is a new unprecedented phenomenon of a huge increase in the number of industry users and quick growth speed of data. We have entered an era of big data.

The coming of the era of big data also brings new challenges to information and technology: how to solve the contradictions between performance and scalability; how to fuse and process various kinds of data; how to control the cost performance of data storage and data processing and how to satisfy the client’s need that is rapid response under the condition of large concurrency.

Inspur Smart Data Appliance is a platform-type product of software and hardware integration aiming to help clients to achieve mass data storage and processing. It adopts the distributed structure and covers the whole links of data storage, data processing and data presentation. And it is the ideal selection for big data analysis and processing of users in the fields of finance, telecommunications, public security, transportation and hygiene, etc.

Realization of the plan:

Inspur Smart Data ApplianceSDA50000

It is a platform-type product of software and hardware integration, and the system architecture of it is as shown in the figure below:

bigdata solution-3

Inspur distributed database product contains three core components that are cluster data management, cluster storage and cluster service.

Parallel cluster management is in charge of SQL parse, SQL optimization, generation of the distributed execution plans and operation dispatching.

Cluster storage is the most basic storage and calculating unit in the Inspur distributed database.

Cluster service is used in parallel cluster management and the sharing information(including cluster structure, node state, node resource state and so on)between cluster storage instances of every link, and providing the operational nodes when controlling multiple copies data operation and controlling data consistency state of each node in the process of multiple copies data operation.

On this basic,SDA50000 also has a unified graphical management platform, which is used to access, control and manage the AIO machine so that achieve the functions of cluster monitoring, data backup, data recovery and data redistribution etc.

Inspur Smart Data Appliance SDA60000

It is a platform-type product of software and hardware integration, and the system architecture of it is as shown in the figure below:

Combined with specially designed hardware of AIO machine and software of AIO machine of an obvious characteristicand through the multilevel works of performance improvement and system integration in hardware design, software design, driver design and parameterstuning etc., InspurSmartDate Appliance SDA60000 forms a platform product characterized by deep integration of software and hardware, unity and excellent performance. And it eventuallyachieves one-stop delivery and pay-as-you-go by doing a large amount of system tests and deep tuning to ensure compatibility, stability and reliability of the whole system.

The system software InspurCloud Canyon v2.0 is the core component and system scheduling platform of the InspurSmartDate Appliance. It is a big data software platform oriented in mass data integration, analysis and mining and the core engine of the big data businesses in the field of Inspur.

Inspur Smart Data Appliance SDA80000

Inspur Smart Data Appliance SDA80000 is a big data platform product adopted customized project design on the basic of flexible application scenarios. It is applied to these scenarios which SDA50000 and SDA60000 cannot deal with.

It does not have unified software and hardware standards and it is custom-made and exploited completely based on the needs of clients.

In the aspect of hardware configurations, it supports specific needs such as big memory and a flash memory card etc.

In the aspect of software configurations, it supports distributed database of Inspur and data processing mode of HADOOP technology mix and it also can support other big data technologies.

It supports the broadest sense of big data processing scenarios because it can make a flexible configuration of hardware,

It also supports the wholeclient solutions and there will be a real allocation according to requirement if application nodes are included.

Features of the plan:

Inspur Smart Data Appliance solves the problems of expansibility and rapid delivery of systemin an era of big data, which traditional architecture cannot reply to. The plan has four core characteristics:

New architectures and elastic extension:

Inspur Smart Data Appliance adoptsthe distributed processing architectureof Share Nothing. And the platform can continuous flexibly extend with the increase of client data and business to ensure the good linearity and nodes of the platform can extend from ten to four thousand, which solves traditional architecture’s problems in performance and expansibility.

Integration of hardware and software and pay-as-you-go:

Inspur Smart Data Appliance completely achieves “the end-to-end delivery” of software and hardware integration.It completes the customized configuration before leaving factories and it can be applied if plugging and accessing to the Internet when delivering to users.

System optimization and strong performance

Inspur Smart Data Appliance adopts the holistic and integrated tuning. The optimization of hardware layercontains the optimization of storage unit, calculating unit and communication unit; the optimization of software layer contains the optimization of the algorithm levelsuch as adaptive scheduling algorithm, low consumption lock algorithm and load balancing algorithm of hot data. Multilevel integration and optimization ensure the excellent performance and effectively achieve the needs of mass data storage and analysis and mining.

Stability, high efficiency, security and reliable

Inspur Smart Data Appliance adoptsInspur operating system to ensure security. In addition, it adopts some methods such as high availability of metadata backup and high availability of metadata management to ensure the reliable of software. At the same time, it adopts the methods of high-redundancy design, heat exchange design and overload protective chips and I/O equipment binding technology to ensure the reliable of hardware. And it can be effective to position the faults quickly, isolate the fault network, recoverhigh availability tasks etc. and ensure continuity of the business of system security level from all-round aspects and multi-dimension.

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