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Cloud Computing Solution



The cloud computing solution is achieved by centralization and sharing of the resources, which enables the applications to transfer among resources. After centralizing the resources, cost for managing the same resources will be reduced significantly, while the utilization ratio will be improved in multiples. So that it not only solves the problems confronted by the data center, but also promotes the improvement of informatization.

Targets based on the cloud computing solutions fall into the following aspects:

Intensive resource latitude.

Establish a set of "Cloud" + "Terminal" integrated cloud computing basic platform, including:

(1) build up a scalable server virtualization cloud center platform with available resources;

(2) and build a set of cloud terminal platform with high availability, high manageability and high security.

Provide each department with basic computing service and data storage by means of virtualization.

Integration of data latitude.

Primarily implement the transformation of partial government service system from original infrastructure to cloud infrastructure for convenient of data sharing, which will provide possibilities for large-scale data integration and exchange.

Servitization of management latitude.

Achieve the unified management, distribution according to demands and comprehensive utilization of the basic software and hardware resources, and reduce the system construction costs, overhead and maintenance fees for every department by means of cloud computing. Primarily implement the "flexible" and "scalable" deployment and utilization of the hardware resources to utilize their computing and storing capacity to the most extent.

Achieve comprehensive and unified control, unified maintenance and high security for the cloud terminal access. Improve the management efficiency for operation and maintenance.

Architecture of the solution

Architecture of the cloud computing solution can be simply divided into three layers: basic equipment layer at the bottom, which provides computers, storage and network equipment; management hardware equipment and system software which supports the applications, i.e. cloud operating system layer; and various cloud computing applications at the top.

Cloud Computing

Features and advantages of the solution

(1) Solve the I/O bottleneck problems confronted by big data process by means of Inspur self-developed high end server and achieve high availability.

(2) Inspur self-developed large capacity storage could improve the concurrency degree and achieve multi-way redundancy, and overall reliability could reach 99.999%.

(3) The Inspur In-Cloud system management software could monitor the operating conditions of all hardware resources under the cloud platform for finding and solving problems timely; could achieve efficient management and utilization for software resources and provide constant and steady large-scale data processing service.

(4) This solution could achieve system high availability and resource allocation according to demands. Realize full utilization and deployment of resources, achieve green energy saving and reduce overall TCO through real-time monitoring and management for the IT resource pool.

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