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Cloud computing solution of Hubei National Tax Bureau



As the major unit responsible for the tax collection and management of Hubei Province, Hubei National Tax Bureau has been carried out informatization construction deeply since 2008, and built up a large-size data center with integrated minicomputers, PC servers, memory systems and network systems, which could bear tens of taxes and office applications.

However, it encounters several difficulties during development process: firstly, due to increase of new applications, the computer room approaches to full load. The central computer room of the Bureau covers an area of more than 200 with more than 30 cabinets and 120 computer room servers in it and only little space is left. Since the upper limit of computer room power supply is 80KW and the server power could reach 60KW during routine operation, the power consumption of the computer room is nearly full load as well; secondly, operating costs of this data center is too high. 60% of the servers have been operated for more than two years with low ratio of performance against power consumption, and the electricity bills of this computer room only from January to August of 2008 reaches 700,000 yuan; thirdly, the system reliability is low. More than 90% applications in the computer room haven’t adopt solutions with high availability and have a risk of single point of failures, and the response cycle for hardware failures is relative long.

Therefore, after deeply consulting and analyzing of the Hubei National Tax Bureau information center, Inspur, on the basis of special advantages of cloud computing, has created and implemented successfully a cloud platform solutions for the Bureau by means of Inspur 4-way high end servers and large capacity of storage equipment, which solves various difficulties confronted by the Bureau.

Inspur cloud platform system successfully helps the Bureau to make three breakthroughs:

1. Save operation and maintenance resources: Inspur cloud computing solution integrates the application servers with low efficiency through the cloud computing technology, helps the Bureau information center reduce cost of ownership by 70% and lower the annual electricity charges from 700,000 to 200,000 yuan saving a large amount of operation and maintenance costs.

2. Increase operating reliability: cloud computing is characterized by high reliability. Through Inspur cloud computing integrated solution, the information center of the Bureau is transformed from the original single computer system into a high-availability system with dynamic cluster centralized management and the reliability is increased by 100%.

3. Increase operating efficiency: the ultrahigh scale and virtualization technology of cloud computing award it with robust computing capacity. With Inspur cloud platform solution, the system performance of the information center has been substantially improved, with 10 applications accounting for only 20% of the processor resources. It is estimated that the fully-configured system can accommodate 20 applications of the same type, hence increasing management and operating efficiency by 200%. As a matter of fact, the information center has more actual benefits than the above, e.g. the deployment and fault switching time is reduced from hours to only minutes. So many advantages have made Inspur cloud platform solution into one important force for the informatization of China’s taxation system.

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