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Inspur TianSuo TS860G3

Inspur TS860G3 is a new generation high-end eight-way server developed by Inspur independently, which adopts new computing platform to design, and it has five key features reaching the highest specification of the industry, with more than 60 RAS features, while its reliability could reach 99.999%. Inspur TS860G3 is strong in performance, stable and reliable, which is important equipment for information strategy and an idea l platform for cloud computing service, and it is engaged in core applications of key industries such as finance, telecommunication, government, energy and transportation etc.

Functional Features

Brand-new design and leading performances

Compared with the previous-generation TianSuo TS860 high-end servers, Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 has 40% computation performance improvements, and 20% memory bandwidth increases. It fully satisfies the needs of such essential applications as core database, virtualization, smart business analysis and large-scale ERP.

It supports eight Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3/v4 processors at the maximum; main frequency reaches 3.2GHz; has a 60MB high-capacity three-tiered cache and 192 physical cores and 384 threads at the maximum; provide robust computational and processing ability to the user.

Ultrahigh expansion and extensive application

Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 supports 192 DDR3 ECC memories; supports 24TB at the maximum which is the extreme on the platform; it can respond to different application needs of various industries and substantially reduce TCO; it supports the highest industrial specifications, i.e. 26 PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots and satisfy all client requirements on system IO bandwidth; the system supports four embedded SSD cards and 16 SAS/SATA/SSD hard disk at the maximum; provide full storage capacity and disk bandwidth.

With the advanced features of Inspur TianSuo K1 system and static physical partitioning technology, Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 can be configured into two four-channel partitions which can work as two independent four-channel servers in this mode. Each partition has an independent set of hardware resources and is fully isolated on the physical layer. Dual systems can be customized according to different operating needs to maximize the use of resources. Meanwhile, Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 supports various types of mainstream virtualization software of the industry and is the optimal tool for erection of a cloud computational platform.

Reliable and stable design

It supports the Intel E7-8800 v2-based Run Sure technology. Full error tolerance is enabled for CPU and memory; IO case supports hot replacement and fault isolation and flexible replacement of IO equipment is permitted; the power source supports a monitoring mode and has a dual-circuit power supply design with N+M/N+N and various types of redundant modes; the system fan has multilayered redundancy and supports front maintenance; the system operation won’t be affected by failure of two system fans at the maximum; the management module supports 1+1 redundancy to eliminate and manage the single-point fault of the system.

Proprietary safety and energy efficiency design

Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 has a proprietary modular design. Essential parts of the system all have an error tolerance design and 80+ RAS features are realized on the chip, link, module and system levels.

The industry-unique RSMS (Inspur Real-time Status Monitor System) can indicate the starting progress and the operating load conditions and directly reflect the operating status of the machine.

Customized AC efficient back-in and back-out power source supports 90-264VAC power supply at a broad voltage range and is applicable for any AC power supply environment; the power source system supports dual-circuit power supply and provides N+N/N+M and diversified redundancy modes; the power source supports cold redundancy working mode, i.e. part of the power source packs are in a standby mode (sleeping mode) and the remaining ones are activated upon a light load. When the power source is heavily loaded, the power supply efficiency of the system will be elevated.

Simple and convenient monitoring and management

Designed according to the design concept of Inspur TianSuo K1, Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 supports the industry-leading TSMC management system (TianSuo Management Controller) to realize 1+1 redundancy of the management system, effectively reduces the load of the management bus and guarantees stability of the management system. In terms of management, it supports remote control, IPMI2.0 and KVM over IP and can monitor the status data and alarm data of various modules, rapidly locate the defected part and support offline troubleshooting; the optical passage status monitor can display customized data and status information and give out trouble alarms.

Inspur TianSuo TS860G3 can also be configured with an HD smart management system for graphical management of the hardware. This screen has a user-friendly HMI with total-process Bootup indications. It is possible to check the processor temperature, hardware status, fan speed and case temperature and the user can also carry out system setup and asset management via this screen. 

Certificated for SAP HANA

The SAP HANA solution based on Inspur 8-socket platform can analyze huge amounts of data from multiple data resources for customers in real time, realizes multi-mission parallel processing, data transfer at the minimization and 5- to 20- fold data compression, and has dozens of times or even hundreds of times processing speed improvements than traditional data warehouse solution.

Technical Specifications


System parameters




Support 8 Intel®Xeon® E7-4800 v3/v4, E7-8800 v3/v4 Processors


20MB-60MB, variable with different models of processor

Bus speed

6.4GT/s-9.6GT/s, variable with different models of processor


Support 192 DIMM memory sticks and expansion to 24TB memory at the maximum

Hard disk controller

Support 8-channel high-performance SAS Raid card; optional protected battery


Support Raid 1/0/10/5/50/6/60

Quantity of hard disks

Support 16 2.5” hot-plug SAS/SATA/SSD hard disks

IO expansion slot

26 standard PCI-E3.0 slots

Integrated IO port

Front installation: 2 USB interfaces and 1 serial port

Back installation: four 1G RJ45 network interfaces, two USB interfaces, one 1G management network interface and one VGA

Network controller

Integrated with 4 high-performance 1G network interfaces; support I/O AT2 advanced network acceleration; support VMDQ network virtualization technology; support network awakening, network redundancy, load balancing and other advanced features; integrated with one 1G management network interface

Power supply

8 super-platinum power source and can realize N+M/N+N redundancy

Display controller

Motherboard integrated with a display controller

Floppy disk drive

Virtual floppy disk drive with an USB interface as a standard configuration

Management features

Support remote control, IPMI2.0KVM over IPSOLSNMP, etc

Provide Ethernet management interface

Support Inspur Ruijie management set

Support virtual media

Support management system redundancy

Provided with optical passage status display for management and monitoring; optional HD smart management system

Operating system supported

Windows server 2008 R2 (dat acente version)

Windows server 2012 R2 64bit

Redhat enterprise linux server 6.x/7.x

CentOS 6.x/7.x

SUSE linux ent erprise server 12

VMware ESXi server 6.0

Incloud sphere V4

Working environment temperature


Power input

100VAC-240VAC, 240VDC


830mm (L), 444mm (W), 352mm (H)


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