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Inspur AS13000

Functional Features

  AS13000 is an extremely large storage system that independent researched by INSPUR, which is developed by ourself and hold with completely independent intellectual property rights, fully satisfies multi-domain application discipline, such as cloud computing, high performance computing, web portals, petroleum exploration and etc. At present, AS13000 has been successfully applied in NSCC, SARFT, CRESDA, SINOPEC and PSBC.

  AS13000, which is built by cluster controller architecture, is using controllers to parallel communications in order to make the load balancing, distributed data storage, and avoid single controller fault and bottleneck of performance. This top level system can support scale out to satisfy the sustainable growth of capacity and performance and also provide functions including NAS, Object and SAN.

  AS13000 integrates mainstreams of storage connectivity such as iSCSI, infiniband, 10GB Broadcom Ethernet Exp Card and Fiber Channel and completely support storage medium including FLASH, SSD, SAS, SATA and etc.

  AS13000 supports data progression, data copy, erasure codes, data hierarchy and performance acceleration, all the functions can provide the complete data protection and data recovery in variety working levels for users. The architecture can support entire cluster of Active- Active, Active-Standby mode to guarantee the high availability of the system and reduce energy consumption.

Technical Specifications

Controller quantity 3-5120  nodes
Cache single controller 32GB-640GB
Host interface 1GbE、10GbE、infiniband
Support disk type Flash card/SSD/SAS/SATA and other  commomly used disks
High-level software function Clone、Snapshot、Tier、Qos、Thin provisioning、Erase coding、Dedup
Management  system Web、GUI、CLI
Power supply module 700W

User Manual


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