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Inspur NP3588T

Inspur NP3588T is a highly reliable and easily manageable mono-circuit tower-type GPU server product customized for SMEs. It inherits the innovation and quality control of Inspur products and offers an adaptable, reliable, safe system with enhanced system management and represents the best choice for SMEs and remote offices. Its flexible mono-circuit configuration satisfies the IT needs at the current stage and also provides a reliable platform for continuous business development.

Functional Features

Low noise

NP3588T is a high-performance office application computer. It is furnished with noise-reducing technologies to control the noises within 45dB.

Low power consumption

To ensure adaptability with the power supply environment of the office, NP3588T is furnished with 800W high-efficiency golden power source and a plurality of energy-saving technologies to create a green and energy-efficient office environment.

High performance

Quality performance at an affordable price. NP3588T can be configured with two Nvidia C2050 and next-generation GPU cards at the maximum with a maximum theoretical peak value of 2.06Tflops to fully satisfy the computing demands of SMEs.

User-friendly design

Both the casing profile and the interface configurations reflect Inspur's user-friendly design principles. It is configured with an interface for sound card with eight sound tracks, an Optical S/PDIF interface and USB3.0 interface to fully satisfy the customer’s application needs and future scalability needs.


Inspur NP3588T supports Quadro graphical card series and Nvidia high-end graphical card. Therefore, it can be used as a high-end workstation and its application scenes are diversified. 

Technical Specifications



Support Intel Xeon e3 Core i3/i5/i7

Computing unit

Support 2* Nvidia® Tesla C2050 and next generation

System bus

DMI bus 2.5GT/s


4 DIMMs, support 32GB at the maximum


SATA hard disk as standard configuration; optional hot-plug SAS hard disk/support 8 3.5 SATA/SAS hot-plug hard disks


Intel hostraid 1,0,10(windows2000以后操作系统),可选外插raid卡,支持Raid 0,1,1E5

Intel hostraid 1,0,10(windows2000 and higher versions of operating systems); optional external raid card; support  Raid 0,1,1E5

I/O extension slot

4* PCI-E2.0 x16

1* PCI 33MHz

I/O interface

Interface of sound card with 8 sound tracks; Optical S/PDIF interface

10x external USB interface, 2 USD 2.0 in front, 6 USB 2.0 in the back, 2 USB 3.0 in the back

1 x DMI interface

2 x RJ-45 interface

1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface

Network controller

Integrated dual-1Gb network cards

Power supply

800W efficient golden power supply

Graphical card

Processor integrated with intel 3000 graphical card, optional  FX370LP /FX2000/ FX4000

DVD drive

DVD drive as standard configuration


Support CPU temperature and fan speed monitoring; support smart fan monitoring; support AC power failure recovery; support Ruijie management kit

Working environmental temperature


Power voltage


User Manual

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