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Inspur Teye High-Performance Application Characteristic Monitoring And Analytical System

Teye high-performance application characteristic monitoring and analytical system is outstanding software developed by Inspur’s professional HPC application, support and R&D team.

Functional Features

Product goals

Extract the conditions of system resources, occupied by a high-performance application, while running on large-scale cluster, and reflect the running characteristics of the application on a real-time basis so as to help the user to tap the computing potentials of the application on the existing platform to the maximum extent, and hence provide scientific guidance to system optimization, application optimization and applied algorithm adjustment and improvement.

Target customers and application field

HPC application development, performance optimization and performance evaluation, including:

High-performance application software developer;

High-performance application optimization professional;

High-performance cluster project acceptance system performance evaluation personnel:

High-performance application performance evaluation personnel and organization.

Robust features

It can capture 40+ micro-architecture indexes and hence substantially satisfy the need for optimization of high-performance applications.

Support real-time monitoring of cluster node CPU, MEM, Network and IO performance data and provide operating characteristics of the application with time in the cluster system

Support real-time monitoring of the single and double-floating-point computing speed GFlops of cluster node CPU, X87 floating-point unit speed, SSE unit and AVX unit;

Support real-time monitoring of cluster node CPU 128bit SSE command vectorization ratio, 256bit AVX command vectorization ratio, node memory reading and writing bandwidth and other data;

Support real-time monitoring of the throughput of NFS file system of various monitored nodes and the total NFS throughput;

Support real-time monitoring of data exchange bandwidth between PCI-E equipment and memory.

Well-established monitoring data management system

Support and realize perfect integration with MySQL database; make it convenient for the user’s storage and management of the monitored data in a database;

Support and provide MySQL database data export tool to allow the user’s convenient processing of data;

Graphic interface for easy operation

Compact software, timely and accurate data monitoring and low occupation rate of system resources; even when the system is heavily loaded, Teye’s demand for system resources is lower than 1/1000 of the total resources, hence guaranteeing genuine reflection of the operating characteristics of the high-performance application. Moreover, Teye software includes a graphic interface on which simple menu and mouse operations can display the data of various micro-architecture indexes in a graphical and clear manner. This allows most users to easily master the operations without complicated trainings.

Technical Specifications

Basic features

Support the watch process of the management terminal and the client at the computing node

Support large-scale cluster system; can monitor more than 4,096 CPU kernels simultaneously

Monitorable indexes

1、Micro-architecture information

Dual-accuracy total floating-point computing speed

Single-accuracy total floating-point computing speed

X87 unit floating-point computing speed

Dual-accuracy SSE standard floating-point computing speed

Dual-accuracy AVX vectorized unit floating-point computing speed

Single-accuracy SSE vectorized unit floating-point computing speed

Single-accuracy SSE vectorized floating-point computing speed

Single-accuracy AVX vectorized unit floating-point computing speed

Dual-accuracy SSE vectorization ratio

Dual-accuracy AVX vectorization ratio

Single-accuracy SSE vectorization ratio

Single-accuracy AVX vectorization ratio

Clock periods per command

Total real-time memory bandwidth

Real-time memory reading bandwidth

Real-time memory writing bandwidth

2CPU information

User state program-occupied space percentage

System-occupied space percentage

Free space percentage

IO waiting space percentage

3Network information

EthX network card transmitted data flow

Number of transmitted data packets

Received data flow

Number of received data packets


Transmitted data flow

Received data flow

Number of transmitted data packets

Number of received data packets

5Disk information

Data reading load

Mean size of read data block

Data writing

Mean size of written data block

6Memory information

Total memory capacity

Used memory capacity

Cache memory capacity

Cache content capacity

7NFS information

Size of data read at node

Size of data written at node

NFS service total reading operation flow

NFS service total writing operation flow

System requirements

Support Intel Sandy Bridge-EP (Xeon E5) series and Ivy Bridge-EP (Xeon E5v2) processor series

Support operating system higher than Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64bit 6.0

Support Infiniband drive, higher than OFED1.5.3 version

Support Mysql database

User Manual

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