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Inspur Tiansuo High-Performance Cloud Server Platform

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Functional Features

The Inspur ClusterEngine cluster management platform is an operation management software customized for Tiansuo HPC product series. This software has a B/S architecture and operates via a browser (IE, Firefox, etc.). It can manage the hardware and software resources and user operations in the cluster system. It can also reasonably schedule user operations according to the use conditions of cluster resources so as to increase the utilization ratio of resources and the efficiency of operation.

As a domestically-leading HPC cluster system developer, Inspur shall provide safe and reliable high-speed cluster hardware to HPC users and also a full set of cluster management software. As a very important part of cluster management system, operation management software manages the operations submitted by the user, reasonably allocate resources to various operations and hence ensure sufficient use of the computing capacity of the cluster system and obtain the computing results as soon as possible. It constitutes a full set of cluster management system together with the cluster management monitoring software and deployment software.

The system has the following three features:

1. Uniform cluster use and management platform; cluster can be used and managed via this platform without the need for any other tool.

2. Modular design

1)   Each module has independent features to make it convenient for the user's operation of clusters and make it easy to use the software.

2)   Customization and dynamic addition of new modules are allowed.

3)   Modules include basic modules and advanced modules

3. Authority control

1)   Can control the modules of each user for the convenience of management

2)   The user can customize its home page

Technical Specifications

The system comprises thirteen parts, including operation submission, operation management, checkpoint management, application, monitoring, monitoring panel, alarm panel, management tool, file management, user management, statistics, configuration center and big screen monitoring.

Operation submission:

Submit new operations; such operations as fluent, VASP, ansys, gaussion, atom, sum and CFD may be submitted; they may also be submitted by configuring the self-defined operations in the background.

Operation management:

This module is liable for management operation; it checks the system operating conditions and may execute and delete an operation. It may also check the execution log of operation.

Checkpoint management:

It enables stop, release, broken point saving and recovery and other operations of operations for which checkpoints are set; it may also enable checking the execution log of operations.


It includes VASP operation, Fluent operation and Atom operation. Submission and management of corresponding operations are enabled.


It comprises dynamic data, real-time data, historic data and node monitoring. It can monitor the operating status and various parameters of the whole cluster.

Monitoring panel:

It comprises operation monitoring, resource monitoring and alarm monitoring which allow monitoring of operation, resource and alarm respectively and display the monitoring data.

Alarm panel:

It comprises alarm setup, alarm list and alarm threshold for setup and checking of alarm information.

Management tool:

It includes cluster shell and remote desktop. Cluster Shell enables cluster management of Shell images. Remote desktop enables cluster management of remote desktop.

File management:

It manages node files and enables upload, new file, open, copy, paste, rename, zip, delete and download.

User management:

It manages system user groups, and users, and allows checking, adding, deleting and editing user groups and users.


This module is liable for recording the use of user groups or user resources in the system and performs billing for the user groups or users.

Configuration center:

It enables configuration of cluster; it also allows the definition of the display page and display sequence and setting of automatic play.

Big-screen monitoring:

Real-time monitoring module which performs real-time monitoring of cluster operating status; the monitoring images may be cast on the computer screen or wall screen.

User Manual

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