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Inspur NF5568M4

(nspur Yitian NF5568M4- Rack Tower Convertible Entry Level Product)

Functional Features

About Yitian

Inspur Yitian Series based on the latest Intel Haswell EP-2600V3 Platform, it used to build Heterogeneous Supercomputers GPGPU, Intel MIC Micro-Heterogeneous-oriented Computing as well as NVIDIA Grid Virtual Workstation Solutions Inspur Yitian Supercomputers provide excellent computing performance, stability, reliability and extreme high IO extension ability, where applied in Life Science, Data Analysis, Financial Calculation, Quantity Computing, Oil Energy, Climate Meteorology, Engineering Science, Visualization and other Application Areas, and High-end Workstation Virtualization Applications.

Target customers and fields of application


Molecular Simulation: Amber,Charmm, DESMOND,Gromacs,Lammps,NAMD, etc.

Quantity Calculation: Abinit,ADF,CP2K,Gamess,Gaussian,NVchem, etc.

Data Analysis: ArrayFire,Mathematica,Matlab,NMath Premium, etc.

Climate Meteorology:Cam5,COSMO ,ECHAM6,Meteo Earth,WRF,HBM, etc

Oil Petrochemical:CGG-Veritas,Geoeast,Paradigm,Omega, etc

Engineering Science:Abaqus,LS-DYNA,MSC Nastran,PAM-CRASH, etc

Medical Imaging:MRI、CT, etc

Finance:MiAccLib,MISYS,Murex MACS,RMS ,SciComp,etc.


Product advantages

Support GPGPU Heterogeneous Computing Framework

Yitian Supercomputer include GPU Calculation Unit, it breakthrough the limitation of Single CPU Calculation Unit, by using lastest Intel Haswell Processor and NVIDIA GPU accelerated computing collaborative technology, CPU and GPU collaborative calculation, CPU takes the responsibility of Logical choice, judge conversion and IO communications, while GPU takes the duty of calculating full-time intensive and highly parallel computing work in order to distribute resources reasonably, fully release calculation force, make computing performance increased by hundreds times.

Support Intel MIC Micro-heterogeneous

Yitian Supercomputers include MIC micro-heterogeneous cells. Micro-heterogeneous computing unit main maximum reuse with programmed CPU. Xeon processors belongs to traditional multi-core CPU, whiel Xeon melting nuclear coprocessor MIC has a large number of micro-kernels, which share the same x86 kernel and CPU architecture, can be programmed in the same environment without any alteration of the original code on a system running smoothly.

Support Virtual Workstations based on Grid Technology

Yitian Supercomputers is a basic platform for building high-performance virtual workstations, through perfect fusion of NVIDIA Grid technology, virtual desktop technology with Inspur’s Yitian products, to provide professional graphical computing desktop support, through the cloud seamlessly to any device at anywhere and anytime, not only users can fully experience a safe, manageable and flexible virtualization advantages, but also enjoy the exclusive local interactive performance experience.

Coordinating and Processing High-Speed IO Switching Unit Technology.

Inspur Yitian provides high speed PCI-E3.0 access to accelerator cards, to ensure that all boards in the IO rate running at full speed. Compared to the traditional PCI bus during a single time period can only achieve one-way transmission, PCI-e dual Simplex connection can provide higher transmission speed and quality, and their differences with similar half-duplex and full-duplex. Inspur Yitian uses PCI-e 3.0 x16, bandwidth up to 32GB/s.

Using Latest Intel QPI Technology

In order to better carry out the CPU and GPU synergy, Inspur "Yitian" desktop supercomputer using Intel QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) technology. It can achieve transmission rates up to 9.6GT/s, making communications more quickly. Multi-core processor directly within the QPI bus interconnects, multiprocessor job the next, each processor can send data to each other, does not require a chipset, which significantly improve overall system performance

CUDA Programming Environment

Under GPU environment, using CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) General purpose parallel computing architecture enable the GPU to solve complex computational problems. It contains a CUDA instruction set architecture (ISA) and GPU parallel computing inside the engine. Developers can now use the C language programming for the CUDA ™ architecture, C language is the most widely used high-level programming language.

Micro-heterogeneous Programming Environment

Under the MIC micro-heterogeneous environments, using the General programming environment for Intel the same compilation environment, Intel Cluster Studio Kit may be used for installation and commissioning of a unified software environment, etc. Intel Cluster Studio tools including C/C++/Fortran compiler, mathematical libraries MKL, MPI communication library, Inspector Thread Checker, Vtune tuning tools.

Technical Specifications

Yitian NF5568M4


4U,Rack Tower Convertible


Support 2 Intel® Xeon® Hawell  E5-2600V3 Series Processors


Intel® C612 Chip


Onboard 24 DDR4 Memory Slot,Support up to 1.5TB DDR4 ECC REG Memory,Support Four-channels reading,Support Advanced Memory Error Correction, Memory Mirroring, Advanced Features such as Memory Sparing


Integrated SATA Disk Controller Support RAID 0/1/10, HPC SAS Raid Card as an Option


Support up to 8*3.5”SAS/SATA/SSD Hard Disks

PCI Expansion Slots

4 PCI-E 3.0 x16 ,Support 4 GPU/MIC/Grid Double Width Boards
3 PCI-E 3.0 x8 ,Support Half-long Half-height Card

Integrated I/O Port

Rear:4 USB Interface、1 VGA Interface
Front:4 USB Interface

Network Controller

Integrated 2 HPC Gigabit Ethernet controller,Support virtualization acceleration, Network acceleration, Load balancing function, etc

Power Supply 1+1 Redundant hot-swap
 2000W 80PLUS Platinum Power(PSU)

User Manual

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