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SCM Self-Service Card Machine BCM1511TN(BC)

Inspur self-service card machine is applicable for scenes such as bank outlets, self-service banking, off-bank applications, etc., meeting the business needs of customers in card issuing, card changing, electronic contracting, etc., being safe, convenient, and high-efficient, effectively shunting the loads of counters, and migrating the problems like the customers waiting in line. In the meanwhile, Inspur develops the portable self-service card machine, which can further improve the service capability of banks, help the bank to effectively increase the quantity of customers and raise the quantity of cards to be issued, and become the important part of self-service channel electronization of banks.

Functional Features

Product function


Just-in-time card issuing

Support self-service issuing of magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, contactless cards and so on with 2nd-generation ID card, and support the issuing of pre-mad cards and the cards made on site


Self-service card changing

Support card changing involving one medium and different media, e.g., changing from magnetic stripe card to magnetic stripe card and changing from magnetic stripe card to chip card, and support the card changing involving same card number and different card numbers


Product contracting

Include online banking, mobile banking, SMS messenger, telephone bank, self-service equipment account transfer and the third-party custody of securities, online help



Other self-service functions such as payment, account transfer, recharge, etc.

Product feature

1 Support the issuing of various types of card, and vary as required

2 Adopt industrial-level parts, with stable performance

3 Intelligentialized power module, available for comprehensive management

4 Powerful extension functions, and add as required

5 Support the function of crown code, safe and practical

6 Flexible portable equipment, issuing card in movement

Application case

Large banks including Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, etc.

China Everbright Bank and other joint-stock banks

Qilu Bank, Baoshang Bank, and other city commercial banks

Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperatives and other rural banking institutions

Technical Specifications

User Manual