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DVB-C Zapper+ Series

Inspur DVB-C Zapper+ Series interactive HD digital STB utilizes powerful HD decoding chip at 740MHz. It supports MPEG-2 and H.264 HD decoding standards and supports full band capture which enables fast channel changing. It is designed with Linux OS which has good expandability, portability, and network function. The compatible new generation browser improves interaction effects between human and machine. The full media TV business platform integrated with HD and network interaction is more powerful and high performed.

Functional Features


  Rich HTML 5 Applications.

  Support Video On demand service and Over- The-Top service.

  Enjoy multiple sources video services.

  Picture in Picture

  Support preview function without interrupting watch Live program

  Fast Channel Change

  500 ms.Other brands: Zapping time is 2s


  Support mobile devices and Watch TV everywhere.

  Support up to 3 devices to watch TV simlutanouse.


  Support watch A channel and record B channel.

Technical Specifications


  Frontend   DVB-C

  SOC   2000 DMIPS

  Flash   8Mbytes SPI Flash 256Mbytes SLC NAND

  DDR   512MB

  Fast channel change

  3 demodulators integrated.

  H.264/MPEG2/4 decoding


  RF in          

  CVBS + Audio L/R : 3.5mm TRRS connector

  YPbPr : 3.5 mm TRRS connector



  USB x2


  IR extender (Optional)           

  SmartCard slot ISO7816

  Power jack

  Power Switch (Mechanical type)

User Manual