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Inspur Launched the Next Generation Integrated Infrastructure - Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5

  SAN FRANCISCO –AUGUST 17, 2016 –The leading data center product and solutions provider, Inspur, showcased their innovative cloud computing solutions at IDF16. Inspur also launched the rack scale server, SR4.5, which is based on the 2.0 integrated infrastructure. This product is specially designed for public cloud users, cloud service providers, telecommunication operators, etc. with its newly added SAS, PCI-E switching technology and the battery backup node of BBS (Battery Backup System) on top of the centralized power supply, cooling and management. These elements help centralize external IT resources and allows the reconstruction and pooling of internal resources.


  Data centers are moving towards more structural, modular and intensified upgrades and modifications. Senior Research Manager of IDC, Thomas Zhou, said, “In the next five years, more than 60% of the data centers investment growth will come from hyperscale data centers, and the modular isomorphism will be one of the main characteristics of the hyperscale data centers.Inspur developed the Rack Scale Server SR Series as the integrated infrastructure solution for the next generation of data centers. Compared with other products, the design of the rack scale server has the enhanced speed of deployment to up to 8-10 times. The density of deployment compared with conventional products, has increased by 1 time. Currently, the iteration of the product has come to generation 4.5, the shipments have totaled to more than 100 thousand nodes and covers more than 70% of the China rack scale server market, achieving a large scale deployment in cloud service providers, namely with Alibaba and Baidu.


  The BBS battery backup node that is newly added to the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 can maintain the energy efficiency at around 94%, while efficiency of the conventional centralized UPS power supply is less than 80%. BBS, being a plug and play node, not only increases the energy efficiency by large, but when there is a power failure in the generator, it can supply stable power for at least 15 minutes – ensuring the rack scale server’s reliability.


  Additionally, Inspur has been enhancing the flexibility of the Rack Scale Server SR Series. Based on the original five types of high performance storage, high temperature corrosion-resistant, cold storage, and high density computing racks, using the switch technology of SAS and PCI-E, Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series has developed into two forms of product – specifically, the elastic storage expansion, and the PCI-E expansion pooling.


  The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series PCI-E expansion pooling node, when combined with the BOX node of 1U, can achieve the resource pooling of co-processing computing, high performance storage, and, warm and cold data storage, based on the PCI-E protocol. A single computing node can be docked to several BOX nodes, which can achieve more than eight GPU/MIC/FPGA co-processing computing resource pools, or at least 20 NVMe SSD warm data storage resource pools. The flexible storage node expansion, when combined with the JBOD module, can provide 20 SAS/SATA/SSD hard drive storage resource pools.


  John Hu, the Vice President of Inspur Group said, “Using the SAS and PCI-E, switching technology can overcome the fundamental limitations of IT resource expansion, allowing the two types of resources – which are storage and PCI-E expansion – to decouple with computing resources. This can achieve the flexible resource allocation of storage and co-processing computing to meet the demands of the increasingly complex applications, and other business needs. In the future, these two types of technology will be broadly used in the application of deep learning, voice search, video conversion, image search, nearline storage, distributed storage, and other types of public cloud services.”