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Inspur Strengthens Partnership with Microsoft to Deliver Enterprise-class Software-Defined Datacenter Offerings Based on Windows Server 2016

ATLANTA, GA, Sep 27, 2016 - Inspur Group Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Inspur") announced plans to deliver enterprise-class software-defined datacenter offerings based on Windows Server 2016 as part of the Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) Program.

WSSD is a Microsoft program that enables solution vendors to design and validate hardware, and deploy Windows Server 2016 Software-Defined infrastructure in a way that follows Microsoft requirements and best practices.

Microsoft Ignite is being held this week, Sep. 26-30, Atlanta, GA.

The two Inspur offerings that are going to leverage Storage Spaces Direct technology are the model NF5280M4 (2U Form Factor) and the model NF5166M4 (1U Form Factor).

Inspur 1U model offering:

The Inspur NF5166M4 is a rackmount server specifically designed with an optimized hybrid storage hardware architecture enabling balanced performance. NF5166M4 adopts industry-leading digital power management technology to optimize power efficiency, closely monitoring the temperature of server’s different components and adjusting the fans’ speed in real-time based on actual energy consumption, etc. The 1U solution offers twice the density that is currently available in the market today.

Inspur 2U model offering:

The Inspur NF5280M4 high-performance enterprise server is ideal for use as a Storage Server, GPU Server, Big Data, Virtualization or Enterprise Cloud Applications. With the latest hard disk interface technology, it eliminates the storage bottlenecks and largely improves storage performance. It provides flexible I/O functions, utilizing integrated expansion slot supporting PCI-E 3.0, and 2 MIC or GPU co-processors. The 2U solution provides high efficiency, intelligent design, flexible expansion and optimization for enterprise needs.

Inspur’s offerings are undergoing certification and validation as required by Windows Server 2016 WSSD program, which delivers a more flexible and cost-efficient operating system for your datacenter, leveraging software-defined compute, storage and network virtualization features inspired by Microsoft Azure.

In addition, Inspur has received Windows Server 2016 logo certification for the model NF5280M4 (2U Form Factor) and the model NF5180M4 (1U Form Factor). Both are published on the Microsoft Server Catalog, which can be found here. As of this press release, Inspur is expanding server certification across all product families.

“The increased collaboration between Inspur and Microsoft addresses the continuing needs of our mutual customers by delivering affordable, cloud-ready solutions geared towards Enterprise IT, business and service providers. We are thrilled to share these solutions with IT Professionals, IT Decision-Makers and Enterprise Developers in the US, Europe and China, and help them enhance storage flexibility, infrastructure scalability and business agility,“ said Wenhui Zhao, General Manager for Cloud and Security Products, Inspur. “With Inspur’s Windows 2016 certified servers and cloud solutions, we are proud to be the front line in driving innovation together with Microsoft to meet ever-evolving customers’ demands, protect their resources, secure their environment and optimize their ROI.“

Erin Chapple, Partner Director, Program Management for Windows Server, Microsoft, said, “Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 offer our most cloud-ready server operating system and management solution ever, with exciting new innovations to help customers transform applications for the cloud, build a software-defined datacenter with cloud efficiencies, and keep IT safer than ever. The complementary solutions and services from our partners are what truly bring the innovations to life for our customers as they transform their IT solutions for a cloud-first world.”