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Inspur is the Fastest Growing Server Vendor in the World Per Gartner

Based on Gartner’s 2016 Q2 report for the Global Server Market, Inspur’s shipments and sales revenue earned a year-over-year growth of 47% and 49%, respectively – making Inspur the fastest growing server vendor in the world.

Gartner’s data indicates that global server market shipments reached 2.76 million units, with a YoY growth of 2%; sales revenue reached $13.6 billion, with a YoY decrease of 0.8%. China leads the global market with server shipments at 16% and sales revenue at 21% YoY growth.

Inspur continues to maintain its first place lead in the China server market. Within the past eight quarters, Inspur servers have been number one in the China market six times. Inspur’s 8-socket servers have been number one in the China market for eleven consecutive quarters. Both 2-socket servers and modular servers are also ranked number one in the China market for Q2 2016.

This past quarter, Inspur servers also achieved a strategic breakthrough amongst Chinese enterprise users. For the internet industry, Inspur is collaborating closely with Baidu to achieve full BAT coverage. From April to June 2016, 60% of the servers purchased by top level Internet companies were from Inspur. In other enterprise verticals, Inspur’s market share is more than 30%, with a YoY growth of 300% for telecommunications and earned full entry into the three largest telecom companies. In finance, Inspur servers achieved entry into joint-stock commercial banks and maintained large-scale usage. In energy, Inspur provided basic data center facilities for electric power firms with a 40% share of the market, also placing in first.

Inspur continues to expand its growth globally – with operations now expanding rapidly across the U.S., Japan, and several countries in Europe. Inspur plans to continue providing its world class services and aims to enter “Top Three in the World” within five years, while maintaining first place in China.