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Inspur 8-Socket Server Once Again Broke the SPEC Test World Record

    Fremont, California—Oct 24, 2016 — Today, the latest SPEC CPU CINT2006 test results indicated that the Inspur 8-Socket Server TS860G3’s test results have once again refurbished the world’s record. The peak test results were 7230 points (Note 1), with the average results being 6970 points, earning the laureate of the “Best Computing Performance”.


  The SPEC (The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) is a global authoritative third-party non-profit organization that dedicated to review and publish application performance evaluation. Test results released by SPEC possess very high authority across the world, as well as being used as important references for enterprise-level user practical applications in the finance, energy, communications industries, etc.


  CINT2006 is used for measuring and comparing compute-intensive integer performance of computer systems. The testing process has modeled 12 classic application circumstances including weather reporting, spam monitoring and testing, C code compilation, large-scale public transportation system single-stop transportation scheduling, etc. The compute-intensive integer performance determines the computing system’s functional performance in real circumstances such as databases, cloud computing, big data, etc.

  The record-breaking TS860G3 8-Socket Server supports 8 Intel Xeon E7-8800 v4 Series processors, its frequency reaching as high as 3.2GHz, with 60MB high capacity of L3 cache. It can support 24TB memory, 192 physical cores, and 384 threads. Inspur TS860G3 was designated for large-scale computing systems and critical applications, equips with hyper computing capabilities and comprehensive fault-tolerance, as well as a SAP HANA certification guarantee. In real-time online trading, big data, business intelligence, real-time decision making, and other such application circumstances, it provides users with stronger computing support and reliability assurance. The newest Gartner 2016 2nd Quarter Data shows that Inspur 8-Socket Servers listed the number-one market share in Chinese markets for 11 consecutive quarters (Note 2).

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