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Inspur Shares Advanced Cooling Solutions at SC16

  Salt Lake City- November 15, 2016. Inspur, a leading global data center total solution provider presented a series of Data Center advanced Cooling Solutions at SC16. These solutions that can help customers improve server deployment density while also lower the PUE of data center, are ideal for the hyper-scale data centers and HPC users.

  Inspur showed two types of cooling solutions, a phase changing cooling solution with ultra-high thermal capacity, and a direct contact liquid cooling solution which allows users to maximize performance and lower operating expenses.

  Liu Jun, Inspur’s HPC GM, expressed that with Inspur advanced cooling solutions, the data center equipment density could be doubled and energy costs decreased by 70% - an obvious advantage in reducing TCO. Inspur’s advanced cooling solutions have overcome many limitations in equipment deployment density with its cooling capabilities.

  Inspur demonstrated one of the solutions on Inspur i4008 Server system. i4008 is an ultra-density multi-node 4U enclosure with 8 node bays, with each node equipped with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors. Inspur’s liquid cooling solutions support high TDP (Thermal Design Power) processors on this system and extraordinarily improve the deployment density and performance of the servers, fulfilling the HPC’s constant demands for computing performance.