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Inspur Joins Hands with COMPLANT Regarding International Market Expansion

Inspur and COMPLANT signed a strategic cooperation agreement on December 6th. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation focusing on core businesses such as HPC and IDC, and promote the construction of overseas projects.

Chairman and CEO of the Group Peter Sun, and Liu Yan, president of COMPLANT attended and addressed the signing ceremony; Peter Huang, vice president of Inspur Group & president of Inspur’s overseas business and Zhang Hui, general manager of COMPLANT signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, Inspur and COMPLANT will fully integrate and play their respective advantages in the International market. They will become the first priority partners to each other in areas like International contracting projects, HPC, IDC, IT integration solutions, etc. The two sides will complement each other, advance the win-win cooperation, and provide the IT clients around the globe with better products and solutions.

Signing ceremony

Peter Sun, president and CEO of Inspur Group, pointed out that COMPLANT had obvious competitive advantages in International contracting projects, investment and financing, trade and overseas investment. The signing of the agreement served as a milestone of the in-depth cooperation between the two companies. He hoped that the two sides would work together, share the resources and provide global IT customers with more valuable comprehensive solutions.

Liu Yan, president of COMPLANT said that Inspur owned the leading software and hardware integration products and solutions. She also pointed out that the two companies were highly complementary in global IT market and had conducted successful cooperation. She said that the establishment of the strategic cooperation partnership between the two sides was of great significance to the in-depth project cooperation and acceleration of the two companies’ strategic layout of globalization.

In recent years, Inspur has accelerated its pace of internationalization and expanded its business to over 104 countries and regions. Inspur has established research & development centers and plants in U.S., Japan, Latin America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places; set up branches and exhibition centers in 26 overseas countries; opened global call center in India. Inspur has also established joint ventures and partnerships with well-known enterprises like Cisco, Microsoft, Diebold, SAP, Ericsson, LG, VMware, Intel, etc., and joined hands with nearly 12000 business partners to provide IT products and service for global customers.