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New Year’s Letter from Chairman of Inspur Peter Sun

Dear partners and friends,

  Hello everyone! The New Year’s bell is going to sound. We will say goodbye to 2016, and see the early sunlight of 2017. At this wonderful moment to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year, I would like to extend sincere thanks to our clients, partners and different sectors of the society, and best wishes to everyone!

  2016 is a year of drastic changes. As the data-centered fourth industrial revolution is coming, our business modes, markets and challenges have all changed greatly. In the past year, the power of information technology has stepped from the backstage to the foreground and become the driving force and foundation for innovation and transformation. In the past year, countless demands from social production and our daily life have showed up, and all industries have been building the new system and ecology around the “smartness” and “intelligence”. In the past year, we have experienced how the national strategies including “Internet Plus”, “Big Data”, “Made in China 2025”, “Belt and Road” and “Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation” were leading the economic development and industrial transformation.

  We can speak out proudly, that in the face of challenges, Inspur did not shrink, and undertook its responsibility to lead the development. Our thousands, and even tens of thousands of staff have charged forward and made brilliant achievements with all our ability and might. As the result, our major business has increased by 35%. Inspur has regarded the data as our focus, and raised the banner of cloud computing strategy. We have followed the development pace of new age in terms of the technical innovation and business mode innovation. And we have showed Inspur’s power and value when providing the service, supporting our partners and building the ecology of market.

  We upheld the “data-centered cloud computing strategy” and presented the idea of “data socialization” in 2016. Our transformation from a provider of information products and computing power, to a “platform product provider”, “carrier” and “ecology builder”, has been agreed by our clients and partners. We have appealed for the “Data Opening”, promoted the integrated innovation of data from organizations and from the Internet, built the business mode of “Company + Maker”, helped the “Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation” initiative, proposed the layout of cloud center and big data platform, propelled the sharing, communication and application of data resources, and provided the cloud computing and big data service for 110 provincial and municipal government in China. Now we are the No.1 in China’s government cloud service market.

  And we had made more solid steps in the road of globalization. The Inspur-Cisco Joint Venture was officially inaugurated. The cooperation will equip Inspur with the world class capacity to build cloud data center and provide big data solutions. And it also marks Inspur’s movement towards ICT integration. Our strategic cooperation with LG and Ericsson, operation of server production line in Silicon Valley, US, and our gold membership in Open Stack Foundation, embodies Inspur’s resolution to embrace the world and to expand the oversea market with an open and cooperative mindset. There will be more and more enterprises around the world enjoying Inspur’s products, services and solutions.

  As an IT enterprise, Inspur’s mission and commitment will always be technical innovation. In 2016, Inspur server remains No.1 in China and No.5 in the world.  A series of cloud computing and big data products were launched. This is not only Inspur’s breakthrough, but also a breakthrough of technical capacity of IT industry. In the future, solving the problems of critical techniques will still be our direction and development foundation.

  We will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves. And set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea. We are grateful that the times offer Inspur such a duty and opportunity!

  Only those who break the traditional routines could become the tastemaker of new age! The new mode, new system and even new standard for the clients, the industry and the market though our innovation are the largest contribution of Inspur’s staff. In the coming year, we should seize the day, engage in the wave of IT-driven revolution, and help transform the data into assets, and then to values.

  Inspur will practice the three major business strategy of “Cloud Plus”, “Computing Plus” and “Data Plus”, adhere to the “open, coordinated and win-win” philosophy, cooperate with partners to forge the brand new ecological environment, exploit, integrate, activate and enhance the power of data to the maximum, drive the optimization of production, innovation of model, transformation of business and progress of society. Thus we can head towards data socialization together.

  Around the globe, Inspur’s staff will realize the integration on technology and culture, implement the “Belt and Road Initiative for Information” in different business modes, narrow the data gap in countries along the “Belt and Road”, and promote the developing process of economic integration. Inspur would like to focus on the present and develop with partners with down-to-earth efforts.

  In the end, wish you and your families a happy New Year!

  Peter Sun

December 30, 2016