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Defeating international brand again Inspur penetrates into financial

 Requirements analysis |

Recently, the well-known brand Inspur has defeated many international brands in purchasing bidding of Hohhot branch of Huaxia Bank, and has obtained the bill of financial market again. The expert thinks that Inspur Group has made great improvement in the accumulation of the key technique abilities, which makes it capable to challenge with the brands domestic and abroad, and this will promote the integral breakthrough of homemade server in high-end market.    
Inspired by the strategy of Development of the West Regions in our country, the economic of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been developed a lot. However, as the capital city, Hohhot has always been the “leader” in the development of the autonomous region, and its economic always develops at a stable speed. In order to make further service for the local economic construction and improve the industry competitive power, Hohhot branch of Huaxia Bank has determined to make an update for the inner information. Due to the financial characteristics, it is required by this bank that the equipment bought should provide the effective support for their business, and then safe, stable and effective purchasing principles have been proposed. As the former existed servers for system construction were all provided by IBM and HP, having laid a corporation base, this bank has always focused on the internal brands. 
Facing the customers’ doubts, through a detailed prophase research and a thorough understanding of customer’s practical application demand and the key problems, Inspur provides a personalized solution with higher reliability, expansibility and high cost-effective performance, stands out in the strong competition and wins the bid, and gets customer’s high praise. The leader of Huaxia Bank Hohhot Branch said “The Inspur product with higher quality meets our branch’s purchasing demand, and compared with foreign brand, the Inspur product has a higher cost-effective performance.” Besides, the purchasing staff of that branch also extremely appreciates the ‘360 degree expert service’ of Inspur. Depending on researching and grasping the business demand, the engineers of Inspur provide service beyond the customer’s expectation, which becomes one of the key factors to success. “There is one thing impressed all of us most, which is about the installation problem of the old edition of UNIX SCO 6. Of all the factories and stores of the competitive bidding, only Inspur notices this matter and practically solves the installation problem, and avoids new investment” said by the purchasing personnel of that branch.
    The successful bidder — Inspur server consists of multiple dual-cores NF380D. This kind of server adopts the dual-cores Intel CPU and has a very strong performance of calculation. It can provide strong support for the data processing of Huaxia Bank. The full buffering storage has higher performance and reliability. It has the characteristic of supporting the memory mirror and memory hot standby and other advanced storage fault-tolerances, which can prevent the unpredictable disasters efficiently brought by unpredicted grinds. It can provide highly steady hardware system. Besides, it has a good ability of extensibility and provides reserved space for the extension of the future business.
Before, Inspur has beaten many foreign brands and bid successfully in Zhengzhou Commercial Bank, Yantai Industrial and Commercial Bank and so on. With the guide of Inspur, the domestic servers have taken a larger part in the key business market. Experts said that successfully bidding Huaxia Bank and Hohhot subsidiary Bank, Inspur the leader of the business of domestic servers, has made a ground-breaking progress again. Inspur will consolidate the advantage continually and make deeper progress in the financial market.

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