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Inspur Yingxin NF 5580 is a 5U dual-way frame-type server product that is compatible with Intel® Xeon® processors of 5600 series; designed with sophisticated IFA+ intelligent computing architecture, it has extremely excellent computation, storage and input/output performance, applicable for environments with high requirements for processing speed and computation capacity; with greatly reliable system design, it can fully satisfy the demand for 7*24-hour uninterrupted operation of key businesses.

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Powerful Performance
Support dual-way 32nm multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors of 5600 series and 64-bit expansion technology;
2-stage high-speed cache of 4-8MB is optional to support I/OAT2 acceleration technology and greatly improve the system performance;
With the up-to-date 5520 chipset, and innovative mainboard VR circuit design, the power consumption of the product decreases by 10-15% compared with the previous generation of product, and noise decreases by 4-7 dBs, which is more energy-saving and environment-friendly;
It adopts up-to-date QPI bus structure and the data transfer rate is up to 6.4GT/S;
It supports DPNM power management technology, Turbo technology and I/OAT2 acceleration technology to greatly improve the system performance;
It uses DDR III memory to satisfy the performance requirements of users in a more energy-conservative manner; 18 memory slots are the industry's largest design; support DDR 3 800/1066/1333MHz memory; maximum expansion of memory up to 144GB; support 3-channel access;
Support 12 pieces of 3.5-inch SAS hard disks, being compatible with hot-plug storage devices in a more flexible manner.
Innovative enhanced strain radiating system and combined type oriented wind guide path design can centralize and control the direction of wind current, which guarantees the heat radiating of CPU, memory and the whole system under high expansion conditions. This improves the system reliability, effectively prolongs the service life of components and decreases cost.
Hard disks of key components support hot plugging redundancy. Replacement and maintenance of components may be completed without system shutdown, improving the system availability. Advanced memory hot backup and memory mirroring technology also improve the system availability.
 Integrate SATA RAID 0, 1 and SAS RAID5 optional to provide customers with multiple data protection schemes.
Support advanced memory fault-tolerant features, such as memory mirroring and memory hot backup, etc.; hot-plug redundancy components can effectively prevent possible disasters caused by unexpected shutdown.
Support four PCI-E expansion slots and one PCI; adopt self-adapting optional components to automatically select communication speed; support mainstream PCI-E devices to protect multiple requirements of the users and reduce their expansion cost;
Inspur Ruijie Server Kit with independent intellectual rights simplifies the maintenance and management of server.
In-time remote management technology is optional; so long as the server is connected with network, remote management for the server can be fully achieved and even remote installation of OS for the server can be realized using local CD-ROM, comprehensively improving the management performance;
Integrated storage expansion module enables users to add outside storage components as required without causing any additional cost, which is reliable and flexible.
8-channel SAS is optional to enable users to configure their systems depending on the business growth. The product flexibility greatly improves and the switchover cost between different configurations decreases;
Maximally support 12 pieces of 3.5-inch hot-plug SAS hard disks to meet the data storage requirement of different applications and provide future business growth with powerful data storage space.
Memory capacity breaks the traditional limits and is expandable to 144GB, the capacity of which can also be continuously expanded according to the changes of application requirements; 18 pieces DIMM slots support DDR3 800/1066/1333MHz memory; support 3-channel read and meet the performance requirements of customers for bandwidth and capacity in a more energy-conservative manner. 

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