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Security Notice - Statement on Intel Processors Data Leakage Advisory (INTEL-SA-00329)
Initial Release Date:2020-01-29 17:03:04
Last Release Date:2020-01-29 21:43:19
Security Notices:

On January 27, 2020, intel released a security update that disclosed two security vulnerabilities of Intel processors that could lead to information disclosure. CVE numbers are CVE-2020-0548 and CVE-2020-0549. Intel will be providing fixes in future microcode updates. The vulnerability details are as follows:

CVE-2020-0549L1D Eviction Sampling

On some processors under certain microarchitectural conditions, data from the most recently evicted modified L1 data cache (L1D) line may be propagated into an unused (invalid) L1D fill buffer. On processors affected by Microarchitectural Data Samping (MDS) or Transactional Asynchronous Abort (TAA), data from an L1D fill buffer may be inferred using one of these data sampling side channel methods. By combining these two behaviors together, it may be possible for a malicious actor to infer data values from modified cache lines that were previously evicted from the L1 data cache. This is called L1D eviction sampling.


Cleanup errors in some data cache evictions for some Intel(R) Processors may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2020-0549 with a CVSS of 2.8.


Inspur started the relevant investigation work in the first time. Inspur will be working closely with Intel to provide security updates. Inspur ISRC will update the security notice at any time. Please keep an eye on the security bulletin for this incident.

Revision History:

2020-01-29 V1.0 INITIAL

Inspur Security Procedures:

Inspur is committed to ensuring user safety, working to resolve issues quickly when problems arise, and providing recommendations through security advisories and security notices.

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