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Inspur and Redhat Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement


Released on September 25th , 2014

Not long ago, Inspur and the world-leading open-source OS provider Redhat signed a strategic partnership agreement. Both parties agree to have strategic partnerships based on the new-generation enterprise operating system of Redhat, i.e. the Redhat Linux 7 that is the basis of open mixed cloud, and the nine categories of X86 platform products of Inspur. Scott Musson, vice president of global strategic alliance of Redhat, Hu Leijun, vice president of Inspur Group and Dr. Zhang Xianmin, president of Redhat Greater China Region, attended the contract-signing ceremony.

Hu Leijun (left) of Inspur and Scott Musson of Redhat signed a strategic partnership agreement

According to the partnership agreement, Inspur will become the OEM partner of Redhat. As the highest-level partner of Redhat, an OEM partner enjoys the most preferential prices and the most preferred technical supports. As the first step of the partnership, Redhat will provide full technical and service supports to Inspur X86 computing products in 9 major categories, including Inspur NP tower servers, NF rack servers, Inspur storage servers and NX blade servers. Meanwhile, Inspur will preferentially recommend Linux 7 operati ng system of Redhat to customers. Both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on Redhat’s enterprise-level OpenStack platform on the level of cloud computing, big data, storage and virtualization.

China has become the highlight of growth of the global server market. According to the server sales statistics released by Gartner for 2014Q1, Inspur is the world’s fastest-growing server manufacturer and its servers account for 19% of the market, ranking the first in China and the fifth in the world and registering a YOY growth of 288%. Redhat has always been a leader in the open-source sector. Since it was introduced 10+ years ago, Redhat Linux has become a world-leading enterprise-level OS and its performances, capacity and safety have always been taken as the industrial standards. Today, more than 90% of the Fortune Top 500 companies use Redhat enterprise Linux solutions. In terms of the open-source infrastructure technologies, Redhat is also leading in the global market continuously. As a matter of fact, the first cloud is established on the basis of the open Redhat technology. Such open technology will determine the future of cloud computing and IT. The seamless interfacing between Inspur X86 platform products and Redhat enterprise Linux 7 and even their profound cooperation in the cloud computing sector in the future will deliver more robust performances and unparalleled system manageability, reliability and flexibility to the users, hence laying a solid foundation for transition of the users to information technology in the future.

Scott Musson, vice president of the Redhat Global Strategic Alliance, said in the signing ceremony, “as an advocate of open-source solutions, Redhat has always provided the most innovative, reliable and flexible open-source solutions to the world. In the last couple of years, Redhat has always been looking for cooperation with leading enterprises in the industry. Such cooperation is not limited to the level of hardware, but more on the level of innovative solutions. Inspur is a highly creative Chinese company and we hope our partnership with Inspur can promote our businesses in the Chinese market and strengthen the use of Linux operating system in the Chinese market”.

 “Redhat is the world’s largest open-source technology supplier and Linux has been leading the industry in the open-source sector. In China, more and more enterprise-level users are adopting the Linux system. The strategic partnership satisfies the market development trend and user needs on the one hand. On the other hand, it can bring better services and preferential prices to the users. It is also an important step of Inspur towards the international market. According to Hu Leijun, vice president of Inspur, “Inspur and Redhat have cooperated in certification on the level of enterprise Linux OS. Moreover, they will have more in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, critical computing, virtualization and big data in the future so as to address customer needs in an all-around manner”.

As pointed out by Dc. Zhang Xianmin, president of Redhat Greater China Region, “Inspur is China’s largest and the world’s fifth largest server enterprise. Inspur and Redhat have many complementing advantages in product and technical develop routes and that is the key to the strategic partnership between both parties. We hope our partnership can bring more development opportunities in middleware, virtualization, storage, Redhat enterprise-level Linux OpenStack platform and other sectors and we can develop the larger enterprise and industrial markets together. Other than increasing the strength of both parties, this partnership will bring benefits to the users in price and service. The benefits of the partnership will eventually reach the end users through Inspur + Redhat and hence bring greater values to users in the Chinese and even the global markets.

Data source: Gartner global server quarterly statistics (May 2014)


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