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Inspur and Nutanix Partner for Inspur HCI All-in-one System inMerge1000


Beijing, April 22, 2019: Inspur, a leading provider of computing solutions and enterprise cloud OS leader, Nutanix, have announced the first Inspur HCI all-in-one system appliance, inMerge1000: combining the deep integration of high-quality hardware from Inspur and Nutanix leading virtualization and cloud software. This new offering supports all enterprise-level applications across both volume production and performance sensitive workloads and brings new and greater choice for private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.                   

The cloud computing market is growing rapidly as more and more enterprises start to move their traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud to increase business efficiency and agility using emerging technology. As that complexity increases, hybrid solutions are becoming even more critical.

The Inspur inMerge1000 all-in-one system is ideal for helping drive this transition and satisfying the next generation infrastructure requirements of local enterprises. It solves the drawbacks of traditional silo architectures via modular pooling of resources across computing, network and storage.

With a software centric design, the Inspur HCI offering powered by Nutanix is compatible with mainstream virtualized applications. And by using scalable and flexible deployment, it simplifies management, operation and maintenance - effectively reducing TCO, improving ROI and allowing businesses to focus on driving growth and customer experience.

The credentials of the partners are also significant: Nutanix is renowned among the hyper-converged user community and is an undisputed leader in HCI – and has been ranked leader, for the second consecutive year, in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure, 2018.

Meanwhile. the 2018 global server market research reports released by Gartner and IDC respectively, ranks Inspur third globally and first in China. Inspur has also maintained the highest growth rate in the world over the past few quarters. Its business model[1] has helped the company secure orders from Internet operators, while its smart partner ecosystem has helped it capture growth opportunities brought about by the recovery of the enterprise market.

“The Inspur and Nutanix offering in the field of HCI all-in-one systems is the result of deep cooperation between the two companies,” Guo Hongchang, Director of Inspur Solutions, commented on the release of the inMerge1000 HCI all-in-one system. “Inspur and Nutanix have established a joint laboratory in the United States. We are also building a dedicated joint laboratory in China to jointly promote the continuous and rapid development of HCI all-in-one systems which have proven to be products with broad application prospects.”

“China’s energy and appetite for next generation technology to ensure its businesses remain competitive has embraced the cloud.” said Lily Ma, Country Manager, Nutanix in China. “The combination of Inspur’s robustness and reliability with the simplicity and flexibility of Nutanix will change the way customers view and operate in a multi-cloud world. This is only the beginning, there is a lot more to come from this partnership.”

The announcement advances the existing Nutanix and Inspur relationship and further strengthens enterprise customer’s choice of server platforms from which to build multi-cloud infrastructures.

The Inspur inMerge1000 all-in-one system is based on the hyper-converged hardware platform built on the Inspur dual-socket flagship server. The Inspur hyper-converged offering solves the drawbacks of traditional silo architectures through the use of a hyper-converged scale-out approach which provides a more modular pooling of various resources across computing, network and storage.

With a VM-centric design, the Inspur HCI offering powered by Nutanix is compatible with mainstream virtualized applications, resulting in fine-grained resource management and improved efficiency.

inMerge1000 HCI All-in-one System

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