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Inspur AS5300G2/AS5500 G2 Inspur AS5300G2/AS5500 G2 mid-end converged active storage system (hereinafter referred to as G2 mid-end active storage) is designed for structured or unstructured complex application environment in large and medium-sized enterprises. With a storage operating system dedicated for cloud computing and big data environment, a full range of flexible software features, an industry-leading hardware platform, and intelligent and visualized unified management software, it meets various storage needs including data storage, data center disaster recovery and backup, and cloud backup in applications such as medium and large-sized database OLTP/OLAP, virtualization, file sharing, cloud computing, and big data. Inspur G2 mid-end active storage system reaches the highest standard among same-grade products in the industry in terms of performance, function, reliability and usability and it is applicable to sectors such as government, finance, communications, energy, media assets, health care, education, and SMB.

Product Overview:

Unified storage

    Unified SAN+NAS: provide Block and File services in the same storage system to simplify data center architecture, reduce O&M costs and flexibly respond to different business needs.

    Unification of multiple protocols: support multiple protocols such as iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, which can meet the storage requirement of databases, file sharing, cloud computing and other applications.


  Advanced architecture

    Active-Active architecture: Inspur G2 mid-range active storage system adopts industry-leading Active-Active storage architecture, with its AS5500G2 controller adopting an hardware architecture which unite disk with controller. It realizes load balancing among controller modules (CM), eliminates performance bottlenecks of the controller, improves availability of the system and ensures service continuity.

    Scale-Out architecture: Inspur G2 mid-range active storage system supports on-line scale out and is able to support up to 8 CMs and TB-level cache, which enables a linear growth in customer storage resources and meets the changing business needs of customers.

    Storage HA: Inspur G2 mid-range active storage system adopts a design with full redundant architecture, fully module, redundant cache, redundant PSU fan and Active-Active CM. There are no single point failure with its major components. It supports on-line hardware capacity expansion, on-line firmware upgrades, on-line system maintenance, and data protection for abnormal power-down.

    Unified software platform: data can be freely migrated between memories based on unified software platform. By replacing the controller, low-end products can be upgraded to high-end ones without data migration.

    High parameters related to storage: AS5300 G2/AS5500 G2 can scale out to 8 controllers. With a maximum cache of 1024GB and up to 3872 SSDs supported, it provides petabytes of mass storage space.


  Intelligent software function

    Intelligent thin provisioning: the allocation of storage resources is no longer limited by storage space; instead, the resources are allocated on demand, which reduces initial cost and greatly improves utilization of storage resource.

    Intelligent Flash Cache: support SSD second level cache, meet the performance request on various business, improve overall storage performance and eliminate performance bottlenecks in complex applications.

    Intelligent local copy: intelligent local copy includes three kinds of local data protection, intelligent clone, intelligent snapshot, intelligent backup, which is able to meet demand on testing, development, analysis and backup, while effectively saving storage space and reducing investment costs.

    Intelligent volume mirror: create a mirror for the volume mapped to the host and save two identical copies of data in two storage pools respectively, so that application IO access will not be interrupted when any copy of the data is corrupt.

    Intelligent tier: support four layers of data; hot data can be migrated online between different storage media, so as to achieve the best balance between storage cost and performance, and increase ROI for customers.

    Intelligent QoS: according to different requirements of different applications for IO performance, manage read and write performance of volume, and make distribution on demand to meet the performance requirements of different applications.

    Intelligent on line compression: industry leading function of real-time on line hardware compression. Advanced compression algorithm brings a higher compression ratio (up to 5:1), and imposes no impact on storage performance.

    Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization: take over the third-party storage resources through its own storage heterogeneous virtualization technology to form a unified virtual resource pool, and support data protection, data migration and other services between different storages.

    Intelligent disaster tolerance replication: provide three types of disaster tolerance replication, which are synchronous replication, asynchronous replication and asynchronous periodic replication; Protect business continuity, and offer customers a solution with three centers in two sites.

    Intelligent InMetro: Inspur G2 active storage system provides active-active solution which achieves the objective of RTO=0 and RPO=0, zero data loss, zero service interruption.

    Intelligent cloud tier: unique cloud tiering technology in the industry, with unique hybrid cloud storage capability providing Cloud cache, cloud disaster recovery, cloud backup and other functions and eliminating the need to purchase backup software for data-to-cloud backup, thus reducing backup complexity and effectively protecting customers' data. Combining the cost performance and scalability of cloud storage with a local data center architecture to enable customers to seamlessly move data between local data center and public cloud.

    Smart management software: Inspur G2 active storage system provides unified smart management software, one set of which is able to manage the whole set of G2 storage platform. The build-in smart maintenance and management suite reduces O&M cost and improves O&M efficiency.


Application scheme

  For different types of customer business and performance needs

  Scheme overview: with the advent of new IT patterns, there has also been a proliferation of stored data types (blocks, files). Meanwhile, different businesses have different needs for performance. InspurAS5300 G2/AS5500 G2 is a unified storage in a real sense that supports multiple protocols and host interfaces. It provides a rich set of software functions that meet different needs of customers.

  Customer value: Inspur AS5300 G2/AS5500 G2 storage unifies SAN and NAS without NAS gateway, with rich software features providing customers with dual benefits of performance and cost ,so as to reduce initial cost investment and protect customers' TCO.

  Active-active storage solution

  Scheme overview: Today's key businesses demand more and more for performance and pose challenges to business continuity. Inspur AS5300 G2/AS5500 G2 adopts mature active-active technology to ensure business continuity and high availability of applications. When disaster occurs to any of these storage platforms, a sophisticated arbitration mechanism and switching mechanism will be adopted so that another storage platform continues to provide continuous business access.

  Customer value: Inspur AS5300 G2/AS5500 G2 active-active storage solution is featured by reliability, security, mature technology, efficiency and automatic switching while no virtualized gateway is needed At the same time, it can be used with different host systems to achieve high availability between different data centers, and provide continuity of business access (RPO = 0, RTO = 0).




AS5300 G2

AS5500 G2



Controller cabinet



Multi-core processors

Multi-core processors




Storage protocol


Type of front-end port

16Gb FC8Gb FC10Gb FCoE1/10Gb Ethernet

Disk type


Number of disks



IO slot



Maximum of front-end ports



Type of back-end port

SAS3.0 single-port 4*12Gbps

SAS3.0 single-port 4*12Gbps

expansion enclosure




Resource efficiency improvement

Intelligent thin provisioning (InThin)

Intelligent virtualization RAID (InRAID)

Intelligent data migration (InMigration)

Intelligent on line compression (InCompression)

Intelligent tier (InTier)

Intelligent volume switching

Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization (InVirtualization)

Intelligent file service (InFileService)

Data protection software

Intelligent snapshot (InSnapShot)

Intelligent clone (InClone)

Intelligent volume backup (InBackup)

Intelligent volume mirror (InVdiskMirror)

Intelligent remote copy (InRemoteCopy)

Intelligent InMetro (InMetro)

Intelligent cloud tier (InCloudTier)

Intelligent encryption (InEncryption)

Key business assurance 

Intelligent quality of service (InQoS)

Intelligent automatic cache partition (InAutoPartition)

Intelligent Flash Cache (InFlashCache)

Virtualization feature

Heterogeneous virtualization: support over 95% of models, unified management

RAID virtualization: block-level virtualization technology, system balance, no hot disk

Support Virtualization: support mainstream virtualization technology, including IntelliSense plug-ins such as VAAI, VVOL, VASA, Vcenter integration, etc.


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