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Inspur AS5500G5 Inspur AS5500G5 is a storage system gearing to medium-sized enterprise application environment for structured data processing applications. The system adopts the industry mainstream protocols 16Gb&32Gb FC, 1Gb/10Gb/40Gb iSCSI, 12Gb SAS and PCIe3.0, and is able to integrate with hardware platforms of IP SAN and FC SAN and intelligent management software. As an enterprise-level storage system, it reaches the highest level in products of the same level in the industry in terms of performance, functionality, reliability and ease of use, is able to meet the need on data storage, data backup and data disaster tolerance in applications like medium-sized database OLTP/OLAP and virtualization, and is widely used in governments, enterprises, financial, energy, medical and education sectors.

Product Overview:

Inspur AS5500G5 storage system is a leading storage product in the cloud era of Inspur. It is a leading data protection application platform which inherits the product design concept of active storage and integrates technologies on cloud storage according to various customer demands for data protection. Inspur AS5500G5 storage system achieves doubled performance through hardware refactoring. With advanced features and industry-leading storage performance, it provides customers with efficient, simple and reliable storage applications. AS5500G5 can meet the need of different storage data applications such as large database, block-level business and cloud computing; at the same time, with storage virtualization heterogeneous integration, it is able to manage the utilized resources for large scale database. Flexible and efficient data disaster recovery system provides users of various need with solutions in multiple level, takes over original business environment and guarantees business continuity and data security. Excellent storage platform enables customers to get high returns.

Unified storage

(1)Unified storage: Block and File services within a storage system, simplifies data center architecture, lowers operating expense with different business demands flexibility.

(2)Integration of multiple protocols: FC、iSCSI、NFS、CIFS、HTTP、FTP etc. Enable storage demand center of different applications, file sharing, database running via multiple separate network.

Advanced architecture

(1)Active-Active architecture: Inspur AS5500G5 adopts industry-leading active-active storage architecture. The AS5500G5 controller module (CM) is disk-controller integrated by design in hardware architecture, achieving load balancing among CMs, eliminating CM performance bottlenecks, and ensuring high system availability and business continuity.

(2)Scale-Out architecture: Supports on-line scaling out and is able to support up to 16 CMs and TB-level cache, resulting in a linear growth in customer storage resources, thus meeting the changing business demands of customers.

(3)Storage HA: Inspur AS5500G5 is fully redundant in its architecture and fully modular by design with redundant cache, PSUs and fans, and Active-Active CMs. There are no single points of failure at the main components. Online hardware expansion, firmware upgrade, system maintenance, and abnormal power-down data protection are supported.

(4)High-standard storage: AS5500G5 supports a maximum of 1600 hard disks, supporting 4TB cache, enables a scale-out to 16 controllers.

(5)Unified software platform: Based on the unified software platform, data can be freely migrated between storage systems. By replacing the CMs, low-end products can be upgraded to high-end ones without data migration in the process.

Intelligent software functions

(1)Intelligent local replication: Data protection of intelligent cloning, intelligent snapshot and intelligent backup.

(2)Intelligent mirroring: Automatically drive mapping, array mapping in data copies and backup. Establish storage mirroring relationship to maintain service continuity against single device failure.

(3)Intelligent tiering: Online hot spot data migration among different storage medium to reach the best possible balance between storage costs and performance. Increase customers’ ROI.

(4)Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization: The storage herogeneous virtualization technology can be applied to take over third-party storage resources, build integrated virtual resource pool and provide inter-storage data protection, migration and other services.

(5)Thin provisioning: Storage deployment and execution include thin provisioning, a logical unit (LUN) identification, threshold notification, handles for resource exhaustion, and space reclamation for delivering.

(6)Intelligent management software: Inspur G5 active storage provides unified intelligent management software. One set of software is able to manage the entire package of G5 storage platform products and with built-in intelligent MM kit, reduces maintenance cost and improves efficiency.






Controller cabinet




Storage protocol


Type of front-end port


Disk type


Number of disks


Type of back-end port


Expansion enclosure



RAID 0,1,10,5,6,50,60,Inraid5,6

Resource efficiency improvement

Intelligent thin provisioning (InThin)

Intelligent virtualization RAID (InRAID)

Intelligent data migration (InMigration)

Intelligent online compression (InCompression)

Smart volume tuning (InTune)

Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization (InVirtualization)

Smart file service (InFileService)

Intelligent tiering (InTier)

Data protection software

Intelligent snapshot (InSnapShot)

Intelligent clone (InClone)

Intelligent volume backup (InBackup)

Smart volume-to-disk mirroring (InVdiskMirror)

Intelligent remote copy (InRemoteCopy)

Intelligent A/A (InMetro)

Intelligent cloud tiering (InCloudTier)

Intelligent encryption (InEncryption)

Mission-critical guarantee

Intelligent quality of service (InQoS)

Intelligent auto cache partition (InAutoPartition)

Virtualization feature

Heterogeneous virtualization: support more than 95% of models for unified management

RAID virtualization: block-level virtualization, system balancing, no hotspot disks

Virtualization system support: mainstream virtualization technical support in the industry, including IntelliSense plug-ins, such as VAAI, VVOL, VASA, Vcenter integration, etc.


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