ClusterEngine HPC cluster management software

Product Overview:

ClusterEngine is a cluster management software independently developed by Inspur.

It enables comprehensive and integrated management of HPC clusters, including hardware monitoring, job management, HPC and Bid Data applications management, and user account and billing management.

It has been demonstrated to improve resource utilization of the entire HPC system within one overview dashboard. 




Integrated Management of Four Modules

●Hardware monitoring management: intelligent load management, cluster monitoring, system alert, heterogeneous node integration

●Job management: job submission, job scheduling, checkpoint recovery

●User and billing management: user management, permission setting, expense and resource analysis

●HPC application management: application integration, application templates

Holistic Visualization 

●User-friendly interface: Provides actual view of rack-mounted servers, supports Shell login and remote desktop, quick view of cluster status

●Cluster run visibility: Instant view of compute resource utilization trends and the pre, mid and post of job run status, including convergence curve, band structure graph and load density graph

●Customization: Supports customized application template development, operation interface and special LOGO design


Deep Integration of Big Data and HPC Applications

HPC computing and Big Data can share the same compute platform and data infrastructure. C

lusterEngine offers integrated management of both HPC and Big data resources, including dynamic node assignment and job submission and scheduling.