Inspur NF5288M5 Server AI Supercomputer with the highest density and NVLink 2.0 support

Product Overview:

Inspur NF5288M5 is an “AI super computer” designed for AI calculations and high performance computing and is the first server of its kind to use 300GB/s high speed NVIDIA® NVLink™ to connect 8 high performance GPU accelerators within 2U space.

It is the world’s densest and most powerful AI server.

NF5288M5 provides outstanding AI and HPC application acceleration. When it comes to computing tasks in AI training, it can provide single node with a peak value computing power of 960 Tensor TFLOPs, which is more than 200 times more powerful than what traditional dual-CPU servers can provide.

In terms of HPC applications, it can provide single node with a peak value of over 60 TFLOPS double-precision floating-point power.

Moreover, NF5288M5 is based on high-density design and can easily allow a 42U rack’s cluster’s peak performance to rise above 1 PFLOPS (one quadrillion floating point operations per second).

While NF5288M5 provides dense computing power, it also features flexible design that caters to different computing scenarios. Different applications need different heterogeneous processors.

For example, NF5288M5 can support NVLINK’s SXM2 port GPU or traditional PCle port accelerator by changing its modules, providing clients with plenty of options. 8 GPU and CPU use flexible coupling to form 10 different topologies, providing high CPU/GPU bandwidth, GPU direct communication optimization, or GPU enhanced direct communication topologies.

It can even use a single bit CPU to manage 8 GPU, or provide dual-system horizontal expansion to 16 GPU structure.


Module Name



Processor Type

Intel Skylake (Supports up to two 165W)


Two Socket slots


Chipset Type

Intel® C620 series chipset (Lewisburg-4)


Memory Type


Memory Slot Qty.


Memory Volume

It supports up to 2.0 TB (128 GB per single)

I/O Interface

USB Interface

2 front set USB 3.0 interfaces, 2 rear set USB 3.0 interfaces

Display Interface

1 front set VGA interface; 1 rear set VGA interface

Serial Interface

1 rear set serial port

ID Indicator Interface

1 rear set ID indicator (blue) and its press button; 1 front set ID indicator (blue) and its press button;

System Reset Interface

1 front set system reset button

Display Controller

Controller Type 

Integrated in Aspeed 2500 chip, supporting up to 1280*1024 resolution

SAS backplane

SAS3.0 backplane

It supports hog-plug SAS/SATA/SSD/NVME hard disks.


Network Controller

Support 4 port 10G SFP+ Ethernet on board from Lewisburg-4 chipset

Management Interface

Management port

It integrates 1 rear set independent 1000Mbps network interface, which is used in IPMI remote management.

Hard Disk

Hard Disk Type

Front 8*2.5 inch SAS, SATA, SSD and NVME hard disks; Build-in 2 x M.2 PCIe & SATA on board

External Storage Driver

CD-ROM Drive

USB DVD drive

Power Supply


Dual 3000W Platinum Power Supply

Physical Specification

Host Size

448mm width × 87.5mm height × 899.5mm depth 

17.64inch width x 3.44inch height x 35.41inch depth

System Fan

System Fan

Redundant Hot swap System Fan, Air cooling or Hybrid cooling.

PCI Extension Slot

● 4 x PCIe 3.0 x16 HHHL rear slots only on the SXM2 GPU board

● 1 x PCIe 3.0x8 for mezzanine RAID card

● 2 x PCIe 3.0x16 HHHL Front slot

GPU board

SXM2 GPU board

Support 8 x SXM2 GPU on NVLink cube mesh

Support 4 x PCIex16 HHHL Rear slot

SXM2 GPU Support

NVIDIA Tesla V100/P100 (SXM2), Up to 300W TDP

PCIe GPU board

Support 8 x PCIe3.0x16 double width GPU/XEON Phi

PCIe coprocessor

NVIDIA Tesla V100/P100 (PCIe), Tesla P40, Intel KNL 7220P, 7240P, Up to 300W TDP