I9000 Blade System Chassis Converged architecture blade system

Product Overview:

I9000 Converged Architecture Blade Server implements the latest Intel computing platform design and emphasizes high density, heterogeneous compute and storage alternatives and fast network connectivity.

In 8U space it supports 2/4/8-socket stack-up blades, in a combination of 16 half wide 2-socket, or full wide 8 X 2-socket, 4 X 4-socket and 2 X 8 socket EX models

Supports SAS/SATA/SSD/NVMe converged storage

Supports the combination of 1Gb/10Gb/FCoE/FC switches, including the option for 100GbE uplink.

Pioneered to support separate PCIE IO Box for direct connectivity to the back of the unit.

Comprehensive enterprise-level support for redundant, active-active  multi-path management of the hardware stack, reducing complexity and enhancing  reliability

Passive middle and back-plane design for comprehensive N+N redundancy

Advanced hot plug power supply and cooling system design.






Blade support

Up to 8 full-width blades and 16 half-width blades

PCIe extension module

Up to 8 standard PCIe extension modules, each module supports 2 half-height and half-length x8 rate extension slot.

Switching module

Up to 4 full-height switching modules

Heat dissipation module

Up to 10 heat dissipation fan modules

Management module

Support 2 management modules, 1+1 redundancy and cascade management function.

Each blade can perform the black box function, record the fault information, and support fast fault inquiry and location of power failure and the fast recovery operation, to improve the stability of system.

It can perform the remote management, information monitoring, log management, automatic alarm and network installation functions of unified interface for blade and mainframe box and the remote start, monitoring, locking, closing and logout functions of the blade.

IPMI 2.0, KVM Over LAN/KVM Over IP supported

Serial over LAN (SOL)

Virtual Media Over LAN (Virtual USB/DVD and Drove Redirection)