Inspur SR 4.5 Rack-Scale System Rack-scale architecture for hyper-scale datacenters

Product Overview:

In 2010, to meet the demands from China Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent for hyper scale datacenters, Inspur was the first server manufacturer to work on Project Scorpio design and prototype. Today, as the leading supplier for Project Scorpio Rack Scale Servers, Inspur manufactures and deploys the majority of the rack scale servers for Baidu and Alibaba datacenters and already captured over 70% of their market in China.

Inspur SmartRack proves to be the ideal platform for datacenter and cloud deployments. The user operational data thoroughly proved that SmartRack is outstanding in energy consumption, management, space optimization, compute density and deployment speed. The actual measurements from one of the largest and the most complicated online ticket booking system, demonstrated that the energy consumption of  SmartRack is 15% lower compared to conventional  rack products.


SmartRack architecture overview

SmartRack: Centralized Power, Cooling and Management at  Rack Level: Low TCO, High Efficiency (PUE of 1.3~1.5)

Flexible rack configuration: SmartRack can be customized with identical clustered nodes (like for massive data storage Hadoop Cluster/Cloud resources pools), or mix of different types of nodes for running multiple applications in the same Rack (like WEB server/application server/-file server/GPU server/storage server)

Front I/O, tool-less design for easy service and maintenance strict hot aisle containment: Cold air comes from front and hot air exhausts from the back RMC centralized management, monitoring, diagnostic functions enhance deployment efficiency





Inspur SR 4.5 Rack-Scale System

Network Switches

Compatible with industry standard switches.  Up to 6 switches per rack

Central Power Bank

10x 2500W PSU/customizable power redundancy, 208V 3 phase/dual feeds for USA datacenters. 12.5KW single power bank standard per rack. Multiple power banks per  rack can be supported for applications requiring higher power consumption, such as  up to 4 power banks per rack/25KW for GPU rack

Rack Level Cooling Module

Up to 27 FANs, customizable cooling solutions, N+1 redundancy for each cooling  group, rear tool-less maintenance, front inlet, rear air outlet

RMC: Rack Level  Management Module

Integrated RMC centralized management module in power bank, supporting status  monitoring, log recording, fault alarm and assets management of power supply,  fan and nodes


24″(W) x 47″(D) x83″(H) for 42U or 91″(H) for 46U

Reference Weight

1200kg / 2646 lbs