NX5460M4 Storage Expansion Module External Storage Resources of NX5460M4 Compute Node

Product Overview:

The storage expansion module is hot-swappable based on the tank-chain design with a half-width blade server architecture and supports 12 * 2.5’’ SATA/SAS/SSD hard disks.

It shall be combined with NX5460M4 compute node, which provides an additional hard disk storage space for NX5460M4.

It supports 8 storage extension modules combined with 8 NX5460M4 blade servers in I9000 chassis.

The storage extension module is ideal for establishing the distributed storage, big data, virtualization, resources integration and cloud computing platforms.


Hard disk controller

Connect to the NX5460M4 SAS 12Gb disk controller sub card.


The SAS disk controller supports RAID 0/1/5.


Support 12 * 2.5’’ SATA/SAS/SSD/NVMe SSD.

LED light

Hard disk status indicator lights


Half-width computing blade specification, applicable for I9000/InCloudRack chassis