InCloud Manager

Product Overview:

InCloud  OS is a cloud computing software package of Inspur, which consists of OpenStack, cloud management platform, software-defined computing, software-defined networking, software-defined storage and software-defined security, as main products. With the philosophy of openness, service and ecology, InCloud OS provides customers with an enterprise-level cloud computing solution which is open, converged, smart, secure and query-driven.

As a core component of Inspur  InCloud  OS,  the  InCloud  OS  Cloud Data Center Management Platform (InCloud Manager) is a powerful cloud management platform
provided by Inspur for private cloud. InCloud Manager is based on the OpenStack architecture and oriented towards private cloud and mixed cloud markets. It has open
and secure functions for operation, maintenance and management of the enterprise-level cloud data center. It becomes an organic whole by integrating computing, storage and network (three major physical resources). It is able to realize automatic perception of query, smart management of resources and automatic delivery of service.

 In terms of virtualization support, InCloud Manager is able to manage InCloud Sphere (virtualization software of Inspur servers), VMware vSphere, IBM PowerVM, KVM and other virtualization infrastructures. It has a unified management interface for management of private cloud infrastructures; in terms of management of equipment and systems, InCloud Manager is able to manage servers, storage devices, network devices, IBM minicomputers, Inspur K1 (key application hosts) and other hardware equipment. It supports management of OS, databases and Web applications, and realizes comprehensive management and monitoring of software and hardware resources of cloud data centers. Based on a modular open architecture, InCloud Manager can integrate third-party security and realize API connection. It provides comprehensive and mature private cloud solutions for customers’ businesses.


OpenStack-based Architecture:

          Based on the Openstack architecture
          Perfect API for satisfying query requirements of user to the maximum

Complete Heterogeneous Resource Management:

         Support management of X86 equipment, K1 and IBM minicomputers;

         Support unified management of heterogeneous virtualization software, including Inspur InCloud Sphere, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and IBM PowerVM.

Smart Automatic Operation and Maintenance:

         Automatic prediction of query bottlenecks and early-warning according to strategies;

         Distributed remote execution systems for execution of any order and predefined module orders;

         It is based on network loading, realizes automatic installation and supports multiple-node concurrence and one-button smart installation control.

Safe and Reliable:

         InCloud Manager is  independently  developed by Inspur. It enhances Web security, virtualization security, data security, access control, security audit, security

         isolation of multi-tenant resources and other security control functions;

          It integrates third-party modules, supports agency-free protection at the bottom layer, realizes multiple protections from the OS level to the application level and

          ensures the security of the data center to the maximum.

Comprehensive Monitoring Management:

          Support unified monitoring of seven main categories of software and hardware resources, namely server, storage, network, OS, middleware, database and query 


          Support over 20,000 monitoring items and realize comprehensive monitoring of the data center.