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The "Digital TV Dream" of Vietnam Telecom Giant

  [Introduction]     By introducing Inspur's digital TV solution, Vietnam Viettel Group gains the ability of hardware and software integration to provide comprehensive cable operation services, thus stepping forward towards the largest digital TV operator.

  With the coming of CATV digitization, Viettel Group, as Vietnam's largest telecommunication network service provider, has started to launch CATV service nationwide based on its advantages of users and broadband resources. In its strategic plan, Viettel wants to build a high-standard and high-performance digital platform with fiber-to-home to realize the whole network transformation from analog signals to digital signals. Le Van Khuong, CTO of Viettel TV, said: "We always want to satisfy our audience and follow this principle to ensure that the services we provide can reflect the industry's trends and changes. With the increasing of CATV service, our position in the TV market of Vietnam has been strengthened so that we can provide richer content for our users."

  However, Vietnam began late in digital TV, with weak infrastructure of radio and television network. Meanwhile, in the digital exploration process of the Vietnamese market in recent years, a number of digital product providers emerged. However, they lack uniform standards and powerful terminal presentation forms, which is a challenge for Viettel to implement and expand CATV services.

  Such a huge project has high requirements for the set-top box hardware configuration and software. To this end, Viettel requires that the set-top boxes of shortlisted manufacturers should provide the functions of multi-screen interaction, time-shifting, program recording and intelligent EPG in addition to supporting HD televiewing and bi-directional coverage. As for deployment of the middleware and conditional access system, Viettel has pre-designated Ericsson and other companies in the early phase. Therefore, how to meet Viettel's set-top box terminal configuration conditions as well as integrate its existing software solutions exerts a challenge on the development and delivery schedules of set-top boxes.

  Eventually, with the overseas success stories of HD set-top box solutions for multi-screen service and value-added business revenue, Inspur Group touches Viettel and the two parties led to a "transnational marriage" in the field of digital television. Given the overall weak state of Vietnam's digital television as well as Viettel's high standard and strict requirements for rapid service deployment, Inspur recommended the new product,  HD interactive set-top box. This product has been put in large-scale commercial use overseas, can be fully compatible with Viettel's existing digital TV business system, and supports seamless interconnection with the front-end platform and system solution.

  By using Inspur's HD interactive set-top box solution, Viettel offers comprehensive CATV services, which helps increase its revenue and improve the purchase intention of end consumers. With the delivery of the product, a growing number of Vietnam CATV users begin to enjoy the high quality services provided by HD digitization. With the support of Inspur's high-performance product and solution, Viettel meets a new round of CATV user increase, helping it to constantly lock customer groups and gradually become Vietnam's largest digital TV operator.


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