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How to Enable Taiwan CATV Users to Enjoy the Fun of Multi-Screen Service?

  [Introduction]     By introducing Inspur's HD set-top box solutions, Taiwan CATV operators continue to accelerate the process of TV digitization shifting. Meanwhile, they have achieved the multi-screen service without changing the existing platform deployment, which helped increase the operation income and pushed Taiwan's CATV network digitizing forward.

  Under the wave of digital shifting, Taiwan TV network service providers are facing more fierce competition. In addition, since customers prefer to gain and share video content anywhere and anytime, Taiwan CATV service providers have to make much study on how to maintain the stickiness of existing users and extend their scope of business and capabilities. After a long time of visit and analysis, Taiwan CATV operators believe that an effective solution for dealing with the market's challenges is to add multi-screen service based on the existing CATV service to provide users with HD video services on different mobile terminals.

  However, to provide multi-screen service, most service providers have to invest restructuring of their digital front-end platforms with various technical methods. Then, there is a possibility that the digital TV platform invested today may be out of date tomorrow. Furthermore, investing on restructuring the front-end platform may lead to waste of money and resources as well as influence the functions of the existing digital set-top boxes. After along time of comparison and evaluation, they still cannot find a reliable and effective solution.

  After discarding the scheme of front-end platform restructuring, Taiwan's CATV industry tried to find a solution for providing multi-screen service on terminals without restructuring front-end platforms a lot and improving the user stickiness through multi-screen transmission. On the ICTC, the cable transmission and coverage seminar held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Taiwan CATV operators watched the HD set-top box solution provided by Inspur for the first time. This product has the advantages of multi-channel descrambling and multi-screen distribution, which is the ideal solution for implementing multi-screen service.

  By leveraging Inspur's set-top box hardware platform and the software capabilities of its digital TV middleware, operators can provide multi-screen service on one set-top box. Videos can be played on different mobile terminals through the digital set-top box. In addition to this, the set-top box also integrates the full band tuner technology to implement a quick channel change speed at the millisecond level, which overcomes digital TV's disadvantage of slow channel change and improves the user experience. Meanwhile, by providing program time-shifting and recording services through the set-top boxes, operators can directly enhance their two-way service capabilities as well as save construction and maintenance costs of the two-way platform.

  By using Inspur's product and solution, Taiwan CATV operators can offer a comprehensive multi-screen TV service, which helps increase their operation income, enhance end users' intention for purchasing the service, and greatly speed up the process of Taiwan's 100% digitization. With product delivery in batches, a growing number of Taiwan CATV users begin to enjoy the high quality services providing by the HD digitization and multi-screen.


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