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Inspur IEOS Middleware Solutions

  High-level Next Generation Middleware Goals

  High Performance User Experience

  ž   Supports multiple application environments, adapting to network and regional requirements

  ž   Enables rapid applications development in multiple industry-standard environments such as HTML5 and JavaScript

  ž   Supported by the INSPUR JavaScript Framework for fast deployment and integration with services across a range of devices


  Complete Broadband/Broadcast Architecture

  ž   Seamless integration between broadcast, broadband and OTT services

  ž   Supports broadcast and broadband content, application and data delivery

  ž   Full support for in-home content  distribution and access through DLNA

  ž   Leverages web-based technology and innovation


  Faster Network Deployment

  ž   Allows network configuration to be achieved dynamically with minimal native code changes

  ž   Pre-ported on to popular chipsets with drivers available from SoC vendors (e.g. Broadcom, Hisilicon,  MLOGIC )

  ž   Set-top box and SoC agnostic Pre-integrated content protection, including NAGRA Media Access (CAS), VERIMATRIX (DRM and CA), IRDETO CA


  Open Environment & Modularity

  ž   Based on Linux for easy integration

  ž   Based on a modular framework to plug-in new features or swap existing ones

  ž   Multi-platform ready (set-top box, personal video recorder, home gateway, etc.)

  ž   Open ecosystem for third-party applications, security and hardware components


Background introduction:

  IEOS Key Differentiator

  Leverages Linux & Open Source

  ž   IEOS is a fully multi-process OS leveraging Linux

  ž   Combines carefully selected open source components with IEOS and third-party developed modules


  Complete Pay-TV Feature Set

  ž   Tackles all  Pay-TV uses cases with full Broadcast, On-Demand, OTT and PVR components

  ž   Leverages 15+ years TV experience for components such as the broadcast stack and PVR


  HTML5 Flexible & Ease of Authoring

  ž   Fully enables multiple concurrent runtimes

  ž   Guide / navigation in HTML for best performance on an STB

  ž   HTML5 for third party apps

  ž   Guide – Ease and rapid re-skin with complete TV API (QIN v1) and INSPUR JavaScript Framework “JSF”


  Sandboxing & Robustness

  ž   Each application execute in its own process, as a separate user with restricted rights in a separate Linux container

  ž   Memory protection and Linux containers improve robustness and security.

  ž   Sandboxing and the support for web technology allow the development of innovative web based open ecosystem for application development


Solution introduction:

  Reference UI for IEOS ( JJGuide )

  UX Design

  IEOS’s UX design offers a comprehensive range of user experience design services, focused on the digital TV sector, for all screens and devices, and tailor-made to suit your needs. It provides a series of user interface framework that supports HTML5/CSS and JAVA environments. We have superior and proven expertise in graphical design, allowing us to innovate and reinforce TV operator brands. IEOS Design’s user experiences and user interface designs offer a skillfully branded operator window in the living room of each subscriber and are extremely TV viewer focused, ensuring high uptake in the market.


  Flexible JS Framework

  In addition to the HTML environment, IEOS provides a JavaScript framework (JSF) for rapid UI and business logic development. The framework offers libraries to accelerate common tasks, service delivery and back-office integration, PVR management, VOD portal listings, or online application access. Usability methods and user interface studies establish where improvements can be made to further improve the customer experience. IEOS is performance optimized for embedded television systems and can scale from a thin TV set-top-box devices up to a residential gateway solution.


  Web Service Design

  IEOS is also designed as Web Service architecture,  applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network. The Web Service can be dynamically composed into applications stemming from capabilities-based look-up at runtime, instead of the traditional static binding. The dynamic nature of the collaborations allow the implementations to be platform- and programming language-neutral while creating innovative products, processes, and value chains. IEOS provides server/client functionality via JSON and SOAP APIs, supporting client application platforms including HTML5, Android, and iOS.



  IEOS Hybrid Support

  ž   IEOS is a full hybrid middleware supporting any broadcast frontend (DVB-T/C/S-1/2, DTMB) and embracing full OTT IP support

  ž   IEOS comes with the following OTT components:

  MP4 Progressive Download;

  Microsoft Smooth Streaming;

  Apple HLS ( HTTP Live Streaming ).



The client's return:

  ž   The product is easily expandable / upgradable  across all IEOS deployments:

  ž   IEOS Porting Interface is build to minimize porting effort of any new roadmap components

  ž   IEOS minimizes “network package” required using Declarative Configuration Component

  ž   New features can be added easily to any hardware that has deployed the IEOS solution*

  No or limited driver development needed when one feature is added to the product;

  Devices can be upgraded across the footprint.


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