Teye AI Application Features Analysis System

Product Overview:

Teye is an application developed by Inspur that features a deep-system analysis.

It is used to analyze AI applications performance features of hardware and system resources running on GPU clusters, thus revealing the running features, hotspots and bottlenecks of these applications.

This allows Teye users get the most out of their applications computing potential on current platforms and subsequently provide an indication for algorithms optimization and improvement.



Shows data distribution of each index, horizontally compares each index, unveils the indexes' influence on APPs' performance and their mutual links, identifies performance bottleneck


Radar map of feature

Based on an application's requirements on the performance of major indexes, generates the radar map of features, describes the performance features of the application and identifies critical indexes and performance bottleneck


Comparison and analysis

Through horizontal comparison of different model or algorithm features, an analysis of the superiority/inferiority of their performance to facilitate subsequent application model or algorithm optimization is established