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Education Cloud Solution

It deploys cloud applications according to different needs, and it provides a one-stop cloud service for users via web portals。

Background introduction: Solution introduction:

1. Strategies:

Inspur’s education cloud system is based on a cloud computing database and is supported by a cloud platform. It deploys cloud applications according to different needs, and it provides a one-stop cloud service for users via web portals.

2. Structure

For a cloud system at the national level, the construction should have 2 different levels of platforms, 3 different levels of applications, and 2 different levels of systems. The 2 different levels of platforms include a cloud data platform at the national and regional levels, which forms an informatized environment with concentrated data and an integrated system. The 3 different levels of applications include applications at the national, regional and school levels; they mainly cover the basic education system database, a management and administration system, a resource base system, a management analysis and policy-making assistance system, and others. These levels can ultimately create an information system that is integrated in all aspects of information, business and service.

The construction must be carried out in accordance with the united standards and the operation, maintenance and safety system. This ensures that the system can be fully integrated and shared, that all the businesses and data are connected, and that an inter-related information system can be built.

3. Realization

Inspur’s solution is comprised of 4 levels: the ICT infrastructure level, the basic platform level, the application level and the portal level.

ICT infrastructure level: The main task of this level is to build regional cloud databases. The databases will include data on server/storage and network equipment, security equipment, other IT infrastructure, e-classrooms, school networks, campus cards and other teaching assistance equipment.

Basic platform level: As the support level for various businesses’ application systems, the basic platform provides functions such as united user management, single sign-on, and a data management service and data exchange. The basic platform level can connect various applications, data and resources.

Application level: There are 3 categories of application platforms: the management platform, the resource platform and the teaching platform.

Management platform: Establishes an informatized education management system in accordance with scientific standards. It must enable data management and electronic procedure and policy-making. The management platform aims to raise the level of managerial efficiency.

Resource platform: Establishes a platform for sharing e-books and other education resources online. The digital resource base should follow a united standard, so as to provide a fast and convenient service for learners.

Teaching platform: The teaching platform reforms the traditional teaching mode, by using new technologies to revolutionize the teaching philosophy. Remote instruction allows students in remote areas to have the chance to attend classes lead by good teachers, thereby maximizing teacher resources and promoting education equality.

E-bag facilitates interaction between students and teachers. For teachers, it helps to manage the classroom and evaluate the quality of the class; it also gives students a more personalized and active learning experience.

Simulated practical training allows students to get used to the social environment beforehand, thus fostering their expertise and boosting their competitiveness.

Portal level: This level can be divided into an inner portal and outer portal. Inner users can obtain their own authority to visit different information and application systems, and acquire data and information accessible to someone of their level of authority. The outer portal posts information and resources that are publicized to all outer users. Through the portal level, the right information is available to the right people. Therefore, everyone can get the information they need.

4 Features and Value of the Project


Uses technologies such as cloud computing to promote the integration and sharing of good resources, thereby facilitating management, operation and maintenance.

Unites the platform and modularizes business applications, so as to make them flexible and cater to the needs of users.

Achieves a distributed concentration of education data, so as to make policy-making more precise and management more efficient.

Value of the project for various educational portals:

Education management organizations at different levels:

Raises the management and administration levels of inferior organizations and schools. Enhances the efficiency of education management. Optimizes the procedure for education management and services.

Raises the scientific policy-making ability of organizational management as a result of the data integration and statistical analysis of information systems.

Integrates education resources and builds a united system, so as to maximize the utilization rate of resources.


Enhances the management ability and administration efficiency of schools.

Improves the comprehensive management ability of schools, and makes campus life and study more convenient.


Makes the network more accessible for students, allowing them to get rich learning materials anytime from anywhere.

Allows students to have a more active and personalized study experience.


Allows teachers to acquire lesson planning materials from other excellent teachers, thus improving their teaching skills.

Allows teachers to have access to better equipment and teaching methods for improving their teaching effectiveness.

Allows interaction between teachers and students, meaning that contact is not confined to the classroom anymore. Teaching methods thus become more flexible and diverse.

The public:

Allows people access to education resources, and hence gives them a better chance to receive an education. It can meet people’s needs to pursue lifelong learning.

The client's return:

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