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Thailand’s education cloud project
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In 2012, the Thai government rolled out the OTPC program (One Tablet per Child).The aim of the program was to provide tablets for every student studying in Thailand’s elementary or high schools, with the program initially being rolled out for 1st-graders. However, tablets are not sufficient for realizing the Thai government’s ideas on their own. Only when a full set of complete software and hardware platforms and rich education materials become available can the government give full attention to the potential of the tablets in the hands of the students. 

Eventually, Inspur won the contract after competing against many other strong competitors, and undertook Thailand’s education cloud project.

Supported by cloud computing, the project centers on the database platform. The project plans to provide various education applications over the mobile Internet for over 2.4 million tablets used by students. At the first stage, mobile digital libraries and online application markets will be built; at the second stage, an interactive teaching platform will be built.

Worawat Ua-apinyakul, the minister of Thailand’s Ministry of Education, said: “As e-books appear, tablets will gradually replace traditional textbooks. They act just like personal computers, and they can assist students in achieving results quickly. Meanwhile, as a business partner in the field of education, Inspur has helped us to develop all the education applications on our mobile Internet, making tablets the best resource for children to obtain knowledge and know the world better.”

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