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Registration management system for elementary and high schools in China
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As the only provider of registration management systems for elementary and high schools in China, Inspur is in charge of developing and deploying this service nationwide. It also provides overall support for the service. The system will be employed in 32 provinces in China (including in direct-controlled municipalities, autonomous regions and the Xinjiang Corps). Upon its completion, it will work with around 300,000 users in all schools, and will contain the registration information of over 200 million students, its magnitude approaching that of Brazil’s population database (which ranks No.5 in the world). The system will become the largest database system employed in the field of education.

The system can create a unique student ID for every student studying in elementary or high schools in China. The ID number can be used until their postgraduate education or further education as adults. The system can track students’ information in regards to their graduation, transfer, honors, punishments, test grades and the results of their quality evaluation. The system will be able to cover the whole trajectory of a student’s school life by building a comprehensive e-record. The system will also make information transparent, make school records electronic, make management more exquisite, and make the administration more dynamic.

In the autumn of 2013, the system succeeded in linking up the national network as part of its pilot run, and it is still operating smoothly today. During the pilot run, the director of the Information Center in the Chinese Ministry of Education, along with the head of the project from Inspur, reported the progress of the project to President Xi Jinping. The team received acknowledgements and thanks from President Xi.

 “After the establishment of the registration system, every student will have a unique student number that is based on their ID. One student can only have one student number. This number will follow him when he transfers to another institution and the number will be only his throughout his life. This system connects different stages of education and links all the records together.”

                                                                       --Du Kewei, Deputy Director of the Basic Education Department of the Chinese Ministry of Education

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