Inspur Assists Jiangxi Electric Power Company in Establishing a Smart Grid Dispatch System for the Convergence of Level 4 Data


Jiangxi Electric Power Company, State Grid Corporation of China

Jiangxi Electric Power Company (JEPC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China. With network construction, management, and operation as its core businesses, JEPC is a large-scale and state-owned utility company. Its mission is to provide electricity and services for the socio-economic development of Jiangxi Province and the livelihood of its residents. The company's scope of operations encompasses the entire province, providing electricity for 16.55 million households and 45.04 million people. It also has 558 110 kV substations with a total capacity of 75.63 million kVA.

The continuous and stable development of Jiangxi's economy and society has driven a rapid growth in the province's power consumption. Based on user demands and smart grid operating mode requirements, the Jiangxi Power Dispatching and Control Center has established the Jiangxi Smart Grid Power Dispatch and Control System, thus achieving a unified operation and maintenance of regional, provincial, branch-grid, and national dispatching. The provincial-level smart grid power dispatch and control system is a command platform that is crucial for power grid operation. In order to achieve further integration, JEPC has started to establish smart grid power dispatch and control system platforms in regional cities, in accordance with its Thirteenth Five-Year Plan and after accumulating sufficient experience relating to the establishment and operation of power grid dispatch and control system platforms.


Requirements and challenges

  • Rapid emergency response
  • Rapid computing and analysis of collected data
  • Ensuring the safe and stable operation of smart grids

System building requirements

  • Establishment of a smart grid dispatch and control system platform: The D5000 platform serves as the basis for the automated dispatch system and oversees grid dispatch operations such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), energy management (EMS), and operational planning (OPS)


Given its stringent requirements, JEPC has opted to use Inspur's NF8460M4 four-path servers and P8000 workstations to establish the smart grid dispatch and control system of Pingxiang City. Several P8000 workstations are deployed at the front end of the dispatch center to achieve real-time processing of large-scale telemetering and telesignaling data reported by a SCADA system. Nearly a hundred NF8460M4 servers are used to support an energy management system (EMS) and to perform rapid computing and analysis of the collected data, so as to deliver telemetering and telesignaling commands to each station in a timely manner.

Inspur's flagship P8000 workstation is specially designed for essential applications. It is a desktop system with outstanding computing capabilities and professional graphic cards, as well as massive capacity, rapid memory, and internal storage modules. The P8000 can be used to collect displacement information and station-end operating status information at any time, and is able to report such information to the dispatch center within seconds.

The NF8460M4 has 96 compute nodes and supports 32 memory modules. Its excellent computing performance meets the requirements of large-scale memory modules and also supports the EMS to perform rapid computing and analysis of collected data. As a result, responses can be generated within seconds and telemetering and telesignaling commands will be delivered to each station.


Inspur servers are known for their excellent performance and reliable stability. Furthermore, Inspur’s friendly after-sales services also ease the process of system construction.

Smart grid dispatch systems established based on Inspur servers are of particular importance for EMSs, as they are able to converge longitudinal power dispatch data between the lower and upper levels of the system, thereby realizing data distribution through the D5000 platform.